Seven Key Functions of an HR Department

January 23, 2024

The workforce is a crucial component of an organization, and the HR department is pivotal in ensuring that they land their company with efficient employees who are a good culture fit. The HR department’s role has more to it than just hiring and recruitment. HR managers basically manage the entire workforce and ensure a good working environment for them. Here are six key functions of an HR department.

Human Resource Planning

HR stands for Human Resources so planning about the same is HR’s primary function. An efficient HR manager figures out the organization’s needs and prepares accordingly. The main task is to divide their office into different departments or work zones and ensure that all the departments require different primary skills to complete the routine tasks. 

Additionally, HR must realize his organization’s future requirements and devise an action plan. HR managers should also know the optimum employee strength for the smooth functioning of the corporation. 

Lastly, the HR department ensures that employees improve their existing skills and participate in inclusive learning seminars for the benefit of the company.

Recruitment and Selection

Our first interaction with an HR manager is mostly during the recruitment processes. The HR department works relentlessly in making a hiring strategy and executing it perfectly. This helps them land their organization with the most efficient workforce that contributes to exponential growth. 

From advertisement publishing to the final interview, the HR department handles all the aspects of employee recruitment. They have to ensure that they promote their company positively and give out targeted ads to attract only suitable applicants. 

The HR agencies like Talenteria also take note of the work culture while hiring and ensure that new hires are compatible with it.

Performance Management 

An organization cannot always get the perfect employee or exactly the one that suits their requirement. Therefore, companies engage in regular growth and development programs to improve the quality of their workforce. 

Annual performance reviews are a vital part of the development process. The performance review comments tell the employee their strengths and weaknesses and how valuable they have been for the company. Performing well during the annual assessment is one of the benefits of mock interviews that employees get.

This routine assessment helps the employees to work harder and contribute positively to the organization. Performance review reports are prepared by the HR department wherein they determine the eligibility of an employee for salary increment.

Learning and Development 

Learning and development is an off-shoot of the performance review. Review reports benefit not only the employees but also their employers because it gives them an insight into what needs to be improved. 

When a company grows, it needs its employees to develop with it. For this reason, routine learning programs are organized to ensure that the existing workforce adapts to future requirements. 

Routine seminars/webinars or workshops on new technologies are organized by the HR department as a part of the learning and development process.

Career Planning

Employees’ efficiency reduces when they feel stuck in their job. The feeling of stagnation inhibits growth which adversely affects the organization. Therefore, HR must help their employees realize long-term goals and set a high ambition for themselves in the organization. 

Reward Planning 

An incentivized work environment is the most productive work environment. Acknowledging employees for their good work and rewarding them with instant benefits will keep them motivated and encourage them to thrive further in their duties. 

Reward planning is a crucial part of HR’s work. Recognizing which employees deserve recognition and determining a suitable reward is a routine task for HR. The reward must be such that it further motivates other employees to learn from their colleagues and commit to their work with complete focus.

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