Cybersecurity And Internet Of Things (IoT): What You Need To Know

By Ankit
February 9, 2022


Internet of Things (IoT) is more challenging than cybersecurity because of its tremendous attack surface and the extended vulnerability of IoT devices. 

There is no doubt that IoT offers new ways for businesses to create value, but continuous data connectivity and data sharing give rise to new opportunities for information to be compromised. 

At the same time, IoT is providing comfort to organizations and companies because now they don’t have to rely on human intervention to perform. It represents the melding of the digital world as well as the physical world.

The Value Of Data – IoT & Cybersecurity

As discussed above, the Internet of Things security is more challenging than cybersecurity. Most IoT devices offer open standards and high proprietary features that enable users to combine them with other devices without any interruptions. 

Those individuals who understand the value of data can learn to extract and use it, and the rewards will be tremendous for the same. In our digital world, from local to government companies, data is the key to the smooth functioning of everything.

At present, more and more devices are being brought online and combined with others. This gives rise to the value of data on one side and encourages cyberattacks on the other.

The Challenge Of Rapid Growth

Do you know? There are around 6 million to 14 billion connected devices all over the world, excluding tablets, smartphones, and computers. The benefits of the Internet of Things are unbelievable, but each device connected to the internet is more prone to attacks by cybercriminals.

Actually, the internet gives a bridge to the attackers to steal your data, and this is the point of risk to the overall IoT ecosystem. Cybersecurity experts are already trying their best to protect data against any hacks. 

On the other hand, many major companies have stated that IoT is impacting the global economy to be in the hundreds of billions in the coming years. 

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IoT Cybersecurity Readiness: Possible Solutions & Services

A risk control program is significant to anything, including security, either it is digital or physical. A notable part of cyber-securing IoT includes knowing what is combined in the IoT landscape. 

Below is an example list for the CIOs, CTOS, C-Suite, and CISOs, to heuristically use to assist meet their IoT security challenges:

1). Be vigilant.

2). Implement security awareness training for all employees.

3). Regularly audit and use real-time analytics.

4). Combine emerging technologies for security, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

5). Consider cloud security as a service.

6). Consider managed security.

7). Back up all your data.

8). Make use of multi-layered cybersecurity protections.

9). Use WIFI and secure routers.

10). Use strong firewalls.

11). Encrypt IoT communications.

12). Use machine authentication.

13). Use strong authentication for access control.

14). Scan all software for vulnerabilities in apps and networks.

15). Create an IoT incident response plan and do a vulnerability assessment of all devices connected to your network.

16). Monitor and share threat intelligence.

17). Do not integrate devices in your network with default passwords and keep updating the same when you change it.

The primary challenge to secure the IoT is a lack of comprehensive standards. Hence, the situation awareness of IoT industrial apps must provide three key capabilities, i.e., update, authenticate, and detect. All internet-connected devices must be patched regularly and use public key infrastructure to reduce the fear of cyber threats. 

The Final Thoughts 

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity challenges are increasing. Major organizations and companies are taking effective measures to protect their data and privacy. 

However, cybersecurity challenges and trends are still going to rise with the progress in technology. So, you must prepare yourself accordingly and keep updating all your passwords and data. No need to use the old version of any software or apps because it is more subjected to attacks.

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