Betting Strategies: Tips and Tricks for Increasing Your Odds of Winning

March 28, 2023

Analytical Skills in Sports Betting

Betting on sports is a very popular pastime that can make you a lot of money if you do it right. Depending on the culture and the sports you like, the number of gamblers who prefer this type of activity varies from country to country. It is possible to separate professionals from beginners when it comes to betting. It is quite common for professional players to become predictors after spending a long time analyzing games, teams, and individual players. They calculate each team’s chances of winning, the number of goals they will score, the number of yellow cards they will receive, and many other things. If any of their predictions turn out to be correct after many games, they can be sold, and not just for betting purposes. 

It should be noted that even professional bettors can make mistakes. This is normal for beginners until they understand what to look for when placing a bet. In order to minimize losses and maximize winnings, it is worth learning and following some tips. Later in this article, you can read the recommendations of professional bettors and analysts.

Financial Strategies 

You need to have a strategy so that you do not place your bets at random and based on your desire to win. You need to have a strategy in mind. Dozens of variations should be tested to find the one that really works. The most popular for beginners is Kelly’s strategy, overtaking, a fixed percentage, etc.


This strategy came to the world of sports from the gambling industry. The concept of the flat is considered a stable profit that can minimize losses in the long term. This strategy is popular with both beginners and professionals. 

The basic rule is to choose a fixed bet that is active over a number of days/weeks/months. This is calculated as a percentage of the initial pot and does not change as your bankroll changes.


If you have a bankroll of $100 and set the stake to 5 percent. Then all further bets for a certain period of time cannot exceed $5. 

While using the fixed bet, the net profit could be $40. In this case, the bankroll is $140 and the stake can be increased to $7. This is also 5 percent. 

All experienced players are advised not to exceed the fixed percentage. It is worth staying within the most profitable range of 1-5 percent.


This is a financial bet that, like the previous one, was invented for use in casinos for odds on equally likely outcomes. It involves doubling the previous bet each time you lose. The idea is to make up for all your losses. 

No one can guarantee that an unsuccessful outcome will be immediately followed by a successful one. Therefore, it is always worth remembering that this strategy involves a lot of risks. The strategy says that after each event, the amount you bet should gradually increase.

Applications of the Overtake in Betting

A strategy can be used in any type of sport as it helps to manage your finances in a balanced and considered way. A bet is placed on an event that will take place shortly. The most common betting strategies are drawn or total and over/under in football. In tennis, an overtake is a break, in basketball, it is a team’s win in a quarter, and in ice hockey, it is a draw.

Criterion of Kelly

The essence of the strategy is to decide each bet before the game.  Before each bet, the player considers the outcome of the game, and his current bankroll and decides how much he can bet to cover previous mistakes but not lose all his money at the same time. The method does not involve setting a fixed bet, so the player cannot lose the entire amount at once. 

The strategy is suitable for professionals or experienced players who have a good analytical base. Kelly beginners should not use this method, as they are usually unable to determine the probability of the outcome of the game. 

The strategy is quite effective if the bookmaker has set an undervalued percentage of the event. 

The disadvantage is that the player calculates the bet based on his knowledge. He may underestimate or overestimate the event and lose the entire amount.

The newest kelly formula that will lead you to victory : (bookmaker odds *(event probability percentage /100) – 1)/ (bookmaker odds -1) * your bankroll size. 

Parlay System

A rather risky and aggressive model in financial betting, as it involves increasing your bet after each win. 

The strategy has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, it will help you make good profits by constantly increasing your bets. However, it is worth setting your own limits so that you do not exceed your bankroll.

An Example of Using the System 

It is worth looking at a specific example to determine all the factors and betting conditions: 

  1. The initial bet is $10. The first bet at odds of 1.8. The net profit on a win is $8; 
  2. The second bet is an $18 bet. If you choose an event with odds of 2.0, your winnings will be $36;
  3. The third bet will be $36 and so on according to the algorithm. 

This strategy may remind players of the strategy above. However, there are some differences. In Parlay, the bet can only be increased if the last combination wins. In Overtaking, the bet is calculated according to a formula, while in Parlay the bet is based on net profit and event odds.


This is a variation of multiplexing the outcomes of an event so that the player is still in the money at the end of the game. For example, a player can use 2 or 3 possible outcomes with bets on total, match win, and handicap.

A combination draw differs from a bookmaker’s draw as it uses 4 or more possible outcomes. 

Those who prefer to bet on football often use a combination of: 

  • The first team will not score;
  • Both teams score;
  • A clear win for the first team;
  • A clear win for the second team. 

It is not a good idea to simply bet on your emotions and thoughts. There is a formula for calculating the optimal bet: 1/ odds of the particular outcome/sum of inverse odds * betting pot.

There are many advantages to using combination forks, the main ones being simple and standard mathematical calculation, minimal risks of a bad outcome, and guaranteed income in every match.

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