Some Amazing Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Jewelry

December 5, 2022

Owing a beautiful collection of jewelry always brings a sense of pride to any woman. Jewelry is not just for accessorizing yourself, jewelries carry emotions and portray more than what is just visible to the viewer. Maybe it was something you brought with your first salary or you might have received it as a gift from someone special. The possibilities are endless, and preserving such pieces of value might be a troublesome task. Organizing your jewelry collection is essential to make them look timeless and raw always. Disorganized jewelry is more at risk of getting damaged, therefore along with investing in jewelry, it is vital to invest in organizing it. For your aid, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to do so.

Resort to Stacking

Try different stacking techniques to preserve your jewelry. For instance, you can buy an earring holder for your entire collection of earrings or you could invest in an aesthetic bangle holder for your precious 22k gold bangles. To add a touch of creativity, you can make DIY jewelry holders for different types of jewelry you would like to store in it. Stacking will prevent your valuable jewelry from getting underused, damaged, or lost. 

Buy a Jewelry Box-

 One of the best and old-school ways to organize your jewelry is to store them in a jewelry box. This box also helps you to carry your jewelry safe while traveling. Invest in a jewelry box that has multiple sections for different pieces of jewelry. This will prevent the jewelry from getting tangled and destroyed. You can also segregate them as per the occasion you want to wear them. Added to that, you can have a separate box for casual jewelry and another one for expensive jewelry. 

Use the Walls

The walls near your dressing unit can be used creatively to organize your jewelry. Such an organizing technique is best for your gold necklace models. For added protection, you can also build a locker for increasing security. However, you can simply pin down the casual pieces and let them be exposed which will add an aesthetic vibe to your dressing area. Avoid putting your delicate pieces on display, use the lockers for the valuable pieces. This trick works best for your daily go-to casual jewelry. 

Compartmentalize the Drawers- 

Putting everything together inside a drawer will simply make your jewelry of less use as it will be mostly tangled, and lost, and you might feel that it is too much effort to find the right piece. Instead, compartmentalizing the drawers by building sections will provide clarity as it will be super easy to locate different pieces. Ensure layering the drawer with a soft fabric that will prevent your jewelry from developing scratches. 

Add an Extra Layer of Protection to the High-end Pieces-

 You can organize your jewelry in whatever method mentioned above however, adding an extra protective layer to the pieces you value the most is essential. You cannot afford to damage your diamond necklace, gemstone-embedded pieces, gold earrings, bracelets, etc. Before storing them make sure you put them inside a soft jewelry bag that will prevent laceration. Store them at a place where they are least exposed to oxidation.

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