How to Talk to Your Partner About a Prenuptial Agreement

By Alex
November 11, 2022

Unfortunately, divorce is the reality of many marriages today. Aside from that, the process of getting a divorce can be messy. To prevent such and more, there is something you can do. 

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In case you’re engaged and planning your wedding, here’s something you should consider communicating with your partner. 

This article covers helpful tips for discussing a prenuptial agreement with your partner. 

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

This is a private legal contract signed by a couple before marriage. This document details the distribution of assets and finance in case of divorce or the death of one spouse. 

The decision to undertake a prenuptial agreement is not made by one person alone. It needs the consent of the other partner. 

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Why Should You Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

Before sharing tips on communicating with your partner about a prenup, you must get acquainted with the reasons for having a prenuptial agreement. 

Here are a few reasons;

  • Do you own real estate or a booming business
  • If you hold a significant amount of debt
  • You or your spouse may need to take a time off your career to raise children. 
  • You expect to receive stock after marriage.

The reasons to get a prenuptial agreement are not limited to this; there is more to it. 

Helpful Tips on How to Talk to Your Partner About Prenuptial Agreement

Avoid Procrastination

It is not advisable to bring up such an issue a week before your wedding or a few days before tying the knot. 

The issue of a prenuptial agreement can affect romance, trust, and love if you do not communicate with your partner early enough. 

Most experts suggest that such an issue should be discussed before engagement. This will give you ample time to share your reasons with your partner. Also, if your decision doesn’t go well with your partner, you’ll know what to do. 

Prepare for a Detailed Discussion

Discussing divorce or death will sound awkward. This demands that you get convincing facts and have a good tone to get your decision across to your partner without hitches. 

The best way to communicate your decision to your partner is by focusing on how the agreement will benefit them. 

If your spouse has few assets and finance than you, let them know how the agreement will guarantee an equal or fair share of properties. Also, shed light on the security of assets they stand to gain if the marriage works out fine. 

Let Your Spouse Know You’re Not Overriding Their Will

If the one suggesting a prenuptial agreement to your partner, it may look like you’re playing the boss. You can eliminate such perception by stressing that both of you are equal in input in the agreement. Also, make it clear that each suggestion is subject to negotiation by your lawyers. 

Your family lawyer should undertake the negotiation process to keep emotions out of your negotiation. This also helps maintain the love you already have for each other and ease the stress of the process. 

In conclusion, the prenuptial agreement process demands that both partners share their fears and concerns. 

You can consult an attorney if you have difficulty communicating your decision to your partner.

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