7 Tips to Compare Solar Energy Proposals and Find the Best Solar Company

January 30, 2023

Are you searching for a commercial solar contractor in Florida and are finding the whole process daunting? Then let’s aid your search today. As a first-timer of these power systems, it is understandable to wonder how to choose a solar company.

While many manufacturers and installers offer these services, you could easily fall into the wrong hands without proper guidance. For instance, when buying solar panels for farms and agriculture, certain things need to be asked, like warranty policies, installer services, maintenance, and payment options.

This article will highlight tips to make your search very easy. Before we aid your process on how to pick a solar company, let’s give you an overview of the types of solar companies in the market.

Types of Solar Companies You May Find 

Before choosing the best solar panel installers for your home or company, you must know that these companies are grouped based on their role in the industry. They include:

Manufacturers of Solar Panel Equipment 

These focus mainly on the production of panels and other facilities involved. They have no business with the installation and usually sell their equipment in bulk.

Solar Panel Installation Companies 

Installation companies are usually outsourcing firms that handle the fixing and maintenance of your systems. They don’t make these panels, but they have enough knowledge about them, so you have nothing to worry about.

Solar Financing Companies 

These companies help you solve the cost issue when figuring out how to choose a solar installer or company. These companies provide finances for you when trying to buy or install your panel. If you have budget issues, they help you secure the equipment, and then you select a plan to pay them back.

This arrangement is excellent for building an energy democracy in your community, even when your finances aren’t enough for it at the moment. 

Solar Panel Dealers 

Dealers are more like retailers in this industry. They buy large quantities from the manufacturers and then sell them in bits to the homeowners. They work hand in hand with installation companies, and sometimes they have in-house installer services to make things easier for you.

Full-Service Providers 

These companies are rampant in the industry. They handle all aspects of the industry, from manufacturing down to installations. 

Tips to Look at When Choosing a Solar Company 

Below are a few factors that can help you fully solve the issue of choosing the best solar panel installers or firms.

Duration in the Industry.

The truth about products is that they always get better in quality when they have stayed a particular amount of time in their industry. And this point is essential when handling how to pick a solar company. 

Check out their number of years in the market space and also how consistent they have been when it comes to quality. 


This factor is vital when choosing the best solar panel installers and companies. The best firms have warranty policies that help you if your equipment becomes faulty quickly.

Warranties are usually periods promised by suppliers to close a sale. If you experience any early faults during this period, they handle them without charging you a dime. 

Payment Options

Solar equipment costs quite a lot, and many buyers find paying this cost very difficult. Manufacturers and Suppliers now accept payment in installments where you can buy and install your panel, then pay after a while.

Go for Suppliers that give you payment options, especially if you can’t pull out all the costs from your budget.

Insurance and Licenses

Buying these panels involves many risks, so one must be careful when buying from a seller. Buy only from those with a professional license recognized nationwide or at the state level. Be sure that they also have insurance policies on their equipment. 


Like other factors, this one also plays a crucial role in your choice. These systems are costly, so one must ensure they have the best ones installed. 

Check out their experience in the industry. How do you people feel about them? Have they been able to deliver quality products consistently?

Maintenance and Technical Skills

Companies that provide installations and also sell equipment stand out here. They have been in the market for a long time and have developed and learned through the years to serve you better.

PPM Solar is an excellent example of these companies. They sell, install and ensure proper maintenance of your equipment. You have nothing to worry about with firms like this.

Final Thoughts

You probably found this article helpful if you’ve been wondering how to choose a solar installer. These tips should aid you on your journey to a sustainable energy source. 

However, if you reside around Florida and need a solar panel installation, you should check out PPM Solar. With fifteen years of experience in the solar power industry, you can rest assured that you’re safe in their hands. 

You can get an estimate from their website and start the installation process. You won’t regret it.

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