Crunchyroll Top Anime Picks to Watch in Bed Before You Go to Sleep

For people who want some packed good feel emotions, and light-hearted moments before sleeping

We are all in for recommendations and such of what to watch, thus compiling a list with details for your ease. Here, we’ll be going over some of the favorites that we have watched on repeat in the last year and well, hopefully, introduce you to something that you will be hooked to and love for years to come. 

Anime has been a constant for us here. On the phone, TV, on the big screens and the smaller ones. The intensity of anime and its protagonist is one to witness if you have not already like in Demon Slayer. In this cold chilly weather, you could be sitting in bed with your duvets up to your face and watching anime with all its glory. The episodes are brief and a form of 20-minute therapy session; at least that is what they are for us. Watch Anime Free Online on Kuro anime.

Anime is meant to boost you up, lead to new lands, imaginative journeys and you tend to recede into the plot and feel it downing upon you too. It detaches you from the world into another world that has peace, chaos, and whatnot. This is what you crave; to feel part of a world that is far from reality, of course not entirely but the experience is good while it lasts because morning calls for a reality check. 

You can call up your internet provider for streaming if you are into that or if you know your internet bundle won’t last with online viewing if you start binging on anime or streaming at night, then you could call up your provider for a better plan. For example, if you have Mediacom, you can call the Mediacom phone number and tell the customer service rep to upgrade your bundle, because your home usage is rising, this pre-hand action is also better to not go over and cap on data which will lead to higher bills. With this out of the way, stream all you want, daily, nightly, or as much as you want.

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Here is the list of 5 anime we have compiled for you to watch at night before sleep or anytime really. What is decided is you will enjoy it if you are into anime or even new to it. There is something for everyone with anime

Natsume Yujin-cho

Type: Slice Of Life

Feature themes: Japanese Folklore, Friendships, And Spirits

We make a start with some good feel, calm, and peaceful anime to watch before bed. Natsume Yujin-cho is a warm story about a boy who can talk with “Yokai” or also known as the dead spirits of humans and everything around the world, even a tree or chair. The art style is 10/10; it is soft, sweet, dreamy, and loveable. The name translates to Natsume’s Book of Friends. It is the perfect bedtime story. 


Type: Slice Of Life and Comedy

Feature themes: Day-to-Day Life, Feel Good, and Diverse Character Growth

This is again a slide of life anime shortly; Hinamatsuri is hysterical which is about the kid who is physic, named Hina, and the yakuza (gangster), named Nitta. It is about their day-to-day life, how they form relations with their friends and family. It has humor and an earnest emotional latch that is pulled with you watch it. The characters have growth that makes it interesting to watch at night and wake up with a smile from memories of it playing in the mind. 

One Piece

Type: Fantasy and Adventure

Feature themes: Pirates, Friendships, Travel and Action 

If you start now, it is late but who cares. You need to get on this, now! This is the best, to get that laugh going with Luffy, with over 1000 episodes, it not finishing anytime soon. Not that you can just watch a few episodes and stop, because you cannot. Self-control is hard with this in the play. It is also interesting and engaging with the story about pirates, finding the treasure “One piece” and becoming the “king of pirates”. It is also about the vast oriented crew and descriptions, from the Straw Hats to the lore of this world. One Piece has made the most imaginative world with fantastic character details.  

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Type: Comedy and Slice Of Life

Feature themes: Friendships, Love For Anime, Feel Good, School and Memoir

The story, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Is about the journey of a group of friends who make and manage their anime club and many school themes. The story has character growth and fantastic highlights into life and love for something that is shared among friends. There are ups and down but it takes a life of its own, with animation that has vibrancy and ambient instrumentals. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! reminds you of your childhood dreams and gives you something new to dream of.

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Type: Comedy, Slice Of Life, Drama, Sports, and Romance

Feature themes: Friendships, Feel-Good, Funny, and Loveable

Chihayafuru is all about karuta, which is a card game based on reaction time after poems from classical Japanese literature are read and you have to pick the right title of it. This follows the life of the high school student Chihaya Ayase as she powers on to become the female grandmaster of this game. It has a dynamic cast and dedicated story and an amazing soundtrack. It is the perfect blend of exciting themes and comfort, exactly what you need before your sleep. It even doubles up as a good re-watch if you have not already.

Thus, the list ends on a great note. You can tell us which you found best in the comments below after giving it a watch and even give more recommendations. Happy watching!

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