Improve Productivity and Boost Efficiency: The Top Team Communication Tools in 2023

By Ankit
January 20, 2023

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work forever. By 2025 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely — an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels. 

With the rise of remote working, new technology has sprung up to support remote teams in their effort to collaborate and communicate from a distance. 

The right team communication tools are vital for productivity and improve efficiency — especially in a world of remote workers. Keep reading to find the best communication tools in 2023. 

Microsoft Teams

This is one of the best standalone team communication tools in 2023. It’s extremely versatile and very simple for teams to collaborate in a professional manner as well as a friendly one. 

There are multiple communication channels to choose from. You can host video meetings, stick to audio calls, or simply send messages with the chat function. It’s one of the most widely-used and best functioning team communication tools on the market. 


High on the list of best team communication tools is Slack. It’s a sleek, easy-to-use communication platform with some seriously cool features. You can create different channels, pin important messages, and send direct messages too. 

Of course, there is a video conferencing function to host meetings. The awesome Slackbot feature is like a built-in personal assistant. You can set reminders with a simple text, for example.

Troop Messenger 

How about putting all your team’s resources into one single interface as a way of figuring out how to improve team communication?

With Troop Messenger every type of communication is possible. You can share files, work requirements, and everything else through a variety of channels. It supports third-party integration such as employee monitoring and tracking apps, Google Drive, and more. 

This is one of the best team communication solutions for a fully remote team.

G Suite

Google takes the cake when it comes to team email collaboration tools, file sharing, auditing and reporting, and shared workspaces. There’s pretty much nothing you can’t do using G Suite. 

and you can integrate Bitium, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Zapier — what more could you want? 

This is the ultimate file-sharing option for remote teams.

The awesome thing about is that users can link messages to tasks. Much like Slack, you can also mention users in comments and messages to ensure that the recipient receives the notification. 

This is a smart and innovative program that allows you to track your team’s workflow and processes. You can also communicate across different teams and host conversations around specific tasks. 

The tool integrates Google Drive and Dropbox so sharing files is easy. Seek support from to help get you set up. 

Which Team Communication Tools Do You Use?

Do you use any of these team communication tools? Perhaps it’s time to start! These amazing tools are easy to use, assist in communication through a variety of channels and come with a host of awesome features to support productivity. 

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