Is the Traditional Real Estate Model Under Pressure?

April 22, 2022

Real estate has always been one of the most important aspects of economic development and it is not a surprise that this is still true in 2021. A long history of consistently rising prices, quick transactions, and relatively low risk make real estate a desirable investment. Recent data points suggest that the traditional real estate model may be under pressure. This is because of the latest trends in the industry. In fact, Universal Buyers Agents Sunshine Coast predicts that these trends could change the game for all parties involved in real estate transactions. This article post will share the key reasons why the traditional brokerage model is under pressure.


The current trend in real estate is that buyers and sellers are becoming more specialized. This is making the relationship between buyers and brokerage companies more value-dependent. Buyers will buy from the most specialized brokerage rather than shopping around for good deals. Sellers will also be influenced by this trend as they want to hold on to their money rather than pay commissions for listing with many different brokers. To better service their clients, brokers increase their teams that focus on specific niches of buying or selling real estate.


The advent of the Internet and online services have also changed the way real estate works. The biggest change comes from buyers, who are now able to find good deals on their own, create a competitive offer on their own and close the transaction online. Brokerages that do not integrate technology into their business will be unable to compete in this environment. In addition to technology, there have been some cases of fraud online. This has lowered investor confidence, and this may also lead to a slowdown of real estate transactions. So real estate companies need to be able to prove they are reliable and trustworthy online. Among many real-state technologies, there is an IDX online platform, Showcase IDX, enables its users to post their homes for sale. You can also find out about new ShowcaseIDX offerings.


Many different real estate companies are starting to adopt a brand in their business that can be seen on the internet, the web, etc. For example, they may create their own website that matches their branding and use it for their online marketing. Previously, brokers had a different name for each client, but nowadays, they have one single name that works with all buyers and sellers. Branding has also been used to help attract a more affluent clientele. Therefore, the reputation of the company will also improve the experience for both buyers and sellers. Social media has been critical to branding as well. In recent years, with the development of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, many realtors have created a social media presence for their brokerage, which has helped influence potential buyers and sellers about their company.

The Competition

There has been a significant rise in competition among real estate companies. This is because the business is starting to take off on the internet. The traditional way of doing business is not as effective as it was in the past. When there were a few brokers, they had enough leads to keep taking care of their customers. However, this is no longer true now. Thus, there are more and more companies competing for the same clientele. As competition increases among businesses, they will want to improve their service to keep current customers and get new ones.

In addition, there have been some cases where big real estate companies have started indexing their prices. For example, they will list the exact same property at two different price points, such as half price and full price. This means that there will be more competition between smaller brokerage companies. They will be able to attract customers who might not have normally gone to the big players, or they may also have brought down prices so that investors can find better deals online.

Higher Loan Rates

Lenders are becoming stricter with giving loans to buyers, and they will also start charging higher interest rates. There are cases where new loan rates have been announced by the bank or another financial institution. In this case, sellers may not get quite what they want for their property, or they may not even sell their property if the buyer cannot afford the higher amount of interest.

Although these are some reasons that have caused the traditional brokerage model to be under pressure, there are also a lot of things that are keeping them safe, such as a consistent history of raising prices, quick transactions, and relatively low default risk. This is why real estate investors need to take a long-term view. They should keep an eye on the trends in the industry and evaluate whether or not there is a reason to be worried about it and how they can maintain their business in this turbulent period.

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