What Makes A Good HOA Manager?

February 8, 2022

Any community organization needs a good HOA Manager. The Manager forms the face of the association and has to have unique skills and qualities. They are also an essential link between the community and the Board of Directors. This article looks into various qualities that every HOA management solutions company looks for when hiring a manager.  

Great Communication Skills

Communication skills are critical in HOA management. As the Manager, your role involves many deliberations with the Board of Directors, members, and vendors. You need the skills to articulate your points clearly. Many questions will reach your desk daily, and you have to provide quick and clear answers. From protesting residents to serious contractors, you must handle every situation as it comes. 

In such a high-profile role, communication is not only limited to speaking, but decision making as well. The Manager handles a lot of paperwork, digital correspondences, and letters. These are areas that need a gifted communicator. 

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Strong Financial Management Skills

You may not need to have professional accounting skills, but it helps a lot when you have the basics. Your job as the HOA Manager will involve handling the monthly, quarterly, and yearly budgets. 

A resident’s organization Manager handles payroll management, taxation, auditing, cost forecasting, and funds reservation. Without basic accounting knowledge, you may fail terribly in controlling the organization’s finance department.  

Exemplary Listening Skills

We have already covered the importance of processing good communication skills by an HOA Manager. However, it would be pointless to be a good writer and orator who doesn’t listen. A community association leader comes across members airing various grievances almost daily. Regardless of how the members approach you, you have to listen.  

An HOA Manager participates in board meetings. You have to listen and comprehend all that the board discusses. Good listening skills will complement most of your qualities in general. 

Knowledge in HOA Practices

Many people overlook this quality since it seems obvious. But an HOA Manager should be well versed with the dos and don’ts of the industry. You must keep pace with the ever-evolving housing rules and regulations. It’s also the Manager’s responsibility to ensure that residents abide by the same rules. 

Natural Leadership Skills

You have to have inborn leadership skills to become a successful HOA Manager. In this field, you will deal with people of different characters, some of them opinionated. It’s upon you as a Manager to stand firm and hold your ground. You don’t have to appear intimidating to the residents. But also, you shouldn’t be a pushover. 

It’s common for association members to hold different opinions about you or fellow members. In such situations, your leadership skills must play out and ensure that harmony prevails. The same case applies to board meetings where heated debates may need a wise leader to restore normalcy. 

Multitasking Skills

At times, holding a managerial position can overwhelm you. You need some multitasking skills to handle various challenges simultaneously. An HOA Manager’s desk is sometimes flooded with tasks that you must complete on time. While attending to each specific task at a time may be a good idea, some situations call for a multitasker to beat deadlines.


An HOA Manager must be a trustworthy character who upholds the values of honesty and integrity. In this position, an entire community entrusts with their invaluable investments and expects you to guard them. The community association members expect you to remain transparent and accountable. Clear records must be availed to the board and members at all times to dispel any doubts that may arise. 

Your role as an HOA Manager means that you will have deep knowledge of the association’s secrets. Confidential financial records, contract documents, investment plans are some of the things you must keep safe. Divulging such details to outsiders has severe implications on the association. 

Customer Service Skills

A community resident’s association should run like any other profitable business. The staff must have excellent customer service skills, starting from the management level. Your role as the HOA Manager will often expose you to many frustrated, angry, or aggressive residents. You must justifiably handle their complaints or sentiments without taking sides. Your tone should be impartial and courteous regardless of how the members approach you. 

Managing a group of homeowners and board members with different opinions is hectic. They will direct their frustrations towards you. It’s every HOA Manager’s responsibility to bring everyone on board for the association to progress. With the qualities and skills, we have highlighted, you will dispense your duties with ease.

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