4 Steps to Transitioning into Senior Living Apartments

February 8, 2022

By 2030, all Baby Boomers will officially be senior citizens. And for the first time in US history, experts predict there will be more seniors over 65 than children under 18 in our society.

Whether you’re approaching your “Golden Years” or you’re planning for a beloved parent or grandparent, there are many important decisions to make as we age. At some point, most of us will need extra help that our families may not be able to provide.

This is where senior living apartments come in. Keep reading to learn how to make the transition as smooth and pleasant as possible.

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1. Understand Your Options

Before you Google “retirement community near me,” you need to understand the different available options. Depending on your needs (or the needs of your loved one), you might consider:

  • Independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Memory care facilities

Independent living is ideal for those who are still self-sufficient but want to be part of an active community. Assisted living provides help with some daily activities, such as cooking and cleaning. Memory care facilities come with house rules and a skilled nursing team to assist seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

2. Declutter & Downsize

Most senior living apartments are much smaller than a house. Long before you make the move, you need to sort through your belongings and begin the downsizing process.

For example, if your new apartment complex offers a fitness center, you won’t need to take your treadmill. You can borrow books from the community center, so keep a few favorites and donate the rest to your local library.

Repeat this process for all your possessions, making a list of items to donate, sell, give to your kids, or take with you.

3. Keep Sentimental Items

Of course, there are plenty of things you’ll want to keep for your new apartment. Think about items that will make it feel like “home” to you.

This might include framed photos, artwork, quilts, travel mementos, and other keepsakes. If you won’t have room for everything, ask your kids or a trusted friend to store the overflow items for you.

4. Focus on the Positives

It’s easy to dwell on the negatives of getting older. You may feel like you’re giving into defeat and worry about losing your independence.

Rather than dwelling on the past, think of the positives this new living arrangement will bring. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new friends and spend more time on hobbies, without the stressful upkeep of a big home or yard. You’ll also ease the stress of your children and other loved ones who worried about you living on your own.

Senior Living Apartments: A New Beginning

Making the transition from independent living into senior living apartments may seem overwhelming at first. But if you stay focused on all the positive aspects, you’ll soon see it for what it is — an exciting new chapter in life!

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