Stanchion Belt Barriers: Uses and Types

November 16, 2022

Stanchion can be seen every time you stand in a queue or waiting line in airports or restaurants. It is a valuable commodity that uses a barrier to control the crowd’s movement and comes in the form of a stand with a retractable belt that stretches long like a rope and manages people.

A stanchion is defined as an upright bar or barrier that forms support to other objects. It guides the public, giving them directions on where to move and follow the queue and stand while maintaining a line. Nowadays, it is used in almost every public place to ensure the crowd is moving in a disciplined and aligned way. You can find stanchions for sale on different online platforms that offer great deals.  


If you own any business where your customers have to stand in queues and wait for their time to be attended, you surely need this. These belt barriers control the formation and movement of people in a long line. It has uses in many other places, including:

  • Construction sites to stop people from entering the area.
  • ‘No entry’ zones of a crime scene.
  • They are also used as a barrier to any location.

Types of Designs


As the name suggests, this belt barrier comes in U-shape and is used mainly in places where the destination is the same. Its primary purpose is to guide people to their destination. These crowd control systems can be found in airports, retail stores, or malls. 


This is generally used in areas where the space is limited and is a simple L-shaped design. The process and motive are the same as U-shaped, but it is L-shaped to fit in small areas. 

U-shaped and Express Line

This is a type of stanchion crowd control barrier arrangement used mainly in movie halls or concerts. It is a system where VIP arrangements are made, or in the case of movie halls, bookings are allowed to enter directly, and others have to stand in queue and book tickets first. 

Different Forms

Retractable Belt Barrier

This is the most common and most preferred crowd control one. The design is in the form of a belt that can be stretched with a long strap and used quickly. The stand comes in different materials but mostly steel. The best part is that it can be used in various places to manage different crowds and customized based on the brand’s logo on the belt. These belts are highly durable and control a high volume of foot traffic. Retractable belt barrier stanchions for sale are available online and are usually made of nylon belt that easily releases and attaches. 


These are used to handle large crowds of people entering the area. It is made of heavy ropes in a circular motion to connect from one end to another and control masses. The rope’s end comes in heavy metal with a hook for placing it on the stand. It comes in different materials, including the most commonly used twisted polypropylene stanchion ropes. 

Stanchion is used everywhere to manage people in large numbers as a crowd control system. If you want to purchase it, look online at various websites offering great deals.

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