4 Wearable Technology for 2023

November 7, 2022

Wearable technology has given new meaning to innovation. The idea is to make your life easier by living smart. Wearable devices offer quite a bit and are making waves in the digital world. Look at wearable soccer technology as an example. You can track how many goal shots you had on target, your speed, and more. A terrific addition to the sport. But that’s not all. Consumers can get in on this too. Smartphones now too pair with wearable devices that act as a second smart device. With some, you can make phone calls, while others track your heart rate, as well as the number of steps you have taken for the day.

Let’s look at some of the wearable technology we can look forward to in 2023. 

Apple’s Mixed-Reality Headset

We know that Apple is a leader in the technology space and is hard at work with AR and VR tech. The smart devices are, well, truly smart and have millions of followers the world over. With the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015, it quickly became the best-selling wearable device on the market. It’s estimated that by December 2020, more than 100 million people worldwide were using an Apple Watch, impressive! Now the team is ready to take on a new kind of client. This is what we know so far. 

Apple’s first-generation VR headset is slated for a 2023 release; however, the exact launch has not been confirmed. What we know so far is that the company plans to produce only a limited number of devices at first. While this may seem like Apple is taking a cautioned approach, experts believe that this will further cement the company’s cooperative ecosystem. Furthermore, the concept of the headset is to allow people to experience real-world situations, such as driving in an autonomous vehicle without windows while using the headset. It all seems futuristic now, but it is the way of the future.  

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Samsung Galaxy Fit3

While this smart device was slated for a 2022 release, the likelihood of this happening is still unclear. However, sources say 2023 would be a much more practical option for the company. This is what you can look forward to. While Samsung has remained mum on its latest addition to its fitness wearable range, there are a few things we can look forward to. The company is committed to staying a market leader in this sector.  

The first thing technology experts are guessing about is NFC. With the Fit2, payment options were not made available, so it’s safe to assume we will see this with the next generation. Since most mobile devices now offer you mobile payments, we doubt that Samsung would omit this for the Fit3. Another aspect we could see added is the blood oxygen level monitoring. Since it’s a fitness device, it makes sense to include a feature like this. Further to this, we can expect longer battery life, a longer charging cable, and screen updates as well. But tech experts are weighing in and adding the features they would like to see, and we agree with them. 


Fitbit Luxe 2

Fitbit is the one company that championed wearable technology. At some point, every fitness guru was wearing a Fitbit. Today, this market is highly competitive with competitor brands such as Apple, Samsung, Garmin, and Xiaomi releasing options that rival Fitbit. But let’s look at what the company will release next. Rumors have been floating in the tech community that the Fitbit Luxe 2 would make an appearance by mid-2023, and we are excited about this. Here’s why.  

This super luxe fitness tracker is designed with elegance in mind. And has been compared to a piece of jewelry rather than a tech accessory. Fitbit is trying to remain relevant while offering its customers the best of both worlds, fitness, and elegance. The device is specifically designed to be worn during the day and at night.  

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Apple Glasses

These augmented reality smart glasses have long been on everyone’s lips in the tech world, and customers are eagerly awaiting their arrival. Now, this is going to be a great device. One key feature is that whatever is being displayed on your iPhone, you will be able to bring it up on your AR glasses. So cool. The glasses will be able to synchronize with your iPhone allowing you to perform functions such as reading texts and emails and viewing maps and games too. But that’s not all; Apple has plans for third-party apps and is looking to create an app dedicated to AR glasses as well, like that of Apple TV and Apple Watch.

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