What Customers Really Want From Their Roofers?

February 8, 2022

I would like to show roofers what goes on in a customer’s mind. That includes showing them some of the things they can do to win their trust as a roofer.

Helping roofers understand their clients better

How roofing clients think

  • They want to see past work
  • BBB rating seal
  • Proof of insurance
  • Local experience
  • Warranty

What Customers Really Want From Their Roofers?

When you have a problem with your roof, you want to find someone who can fix it as soon as possible. You also want that person or company to complete the work at a reasonable price. However, even if you get all of this taken care of quickly and cheaply, there’s still something else that customers are looking for – good and friendly services. In this blog post, experts from M&Y Pittsburgh Roofing reveal what customers really want from their roofers and how they can get it.

Clients Want to See Your Past Work

A customer is going to want to see pictures of your past work. They might also ask for a list of references so they can note the quality of your service. If you have testimonials from customers, that’s even better because this will give your potential client confidence in your services.

To do this, you need to make sure you have a portfolio or gallery on your website. This can be done in different ways, but it’s best if the client can easily browse through pictures and see what they like. You should also post samples of work on social media sites so that your followers see them as well.

A Better Business Bureau Rating Seal

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that is dedicated to helping consumers choose a business they can trust. They offer trustworthy ratings of businesses and will give you the seal if your rating stays at an A+ for three years in a row. 

The BBB doesn’t just base its rating on how quickly someone responds to complaints. Instead, they check whether you have any unresolved complaints and how often those disputes happen. They also take the time to evaluate customer service, how well a business resolves complaints, and if you can provide references of your work on previous jobs.

With this seal of approval, customers will know that you’re dependable and trustworthy – which is exactly what a homeowner wants to see before pulling the trigger on an expensive roof repair.

They Want to See Proof of Insurance Upon Request

As a roofer, you might have to deal with some harsh weather conditions. You also work at a great height and are often using heavy machinery on the job site. 

In addition to liability insurance for your employees, customers also want proof of general liability coverage as well as workers’ compensation insurance if there’s any risk involved when working around people.

To show that you are doing your due diligence, it’s always a good idea to post an insurance certificate on the website or provide one when they come in for quotes. This will allow them to feel easy knowing that their liability is covered.

Local Experience

When people are looking for a roofer, they want someone local to their area. They also want it done as soon as possible and with little interruption.

If you have been working with this customer base for years or if you’re located near them, they will be much more likely to trust you. They’ll feel like their roof is safe with you in charge and that your prices are fair when compared to the competition.


There’s nothing more frustrating than a roofer who gives you an estimate, repairs your property, and then never returns. Customers want to know that if something goes wrong with their roof, they will have someone dependable who will take care of the repair at no extra cost. 

A warranty is one way to show clients that you stand by your work and will be there to deal with any issues – even if it’s years from now. It also shows a customer how confident you are about your abilities as a professional, which makes them more likely to trust you.

Positive Reviews

Online reviews are a major factor in consumers’ decisions these days. They want to know what other people think about your company and whether they would use you again, so make sure that your customers feel comfortable leaving positive feedback. 

If someone has left negative comments or complaints but has not contacted you directly, it’s always best to talk to them and see if you can resolve the issue before it gets out to other readers.

This will show potential customers that not only do you take your work seriously, but you’re also willing to go above and beyond for your customers every time. The more positive reviews they can find about a company, the more convinced they’ll feel when hiring you.

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