What Do Guardian Angels Do?

February 8, 2022

The thought of having a guardian angel can invoke a sense of comfort and peace. You have this sense of protection and guidance that would be there to watch over you.

However, what this guardian angel is can run up to interpretation. Some people believe they’re real angels, while others think they’re something else entirely.

For those who believe in guardian angels or are open to possibility, the assurance stands. It leaves us curious as to what they do. Today, we look at what the guardian angels do in your stead.

Protect Us from Harm

What are guardian angels? Unseen by our eyes, they stand as protectors and advisors.

With this in mind, their foremost purpose is to protect us from harm from every source there is. Guardian angels protect us from both physical and spiritual harm.

In the spiritual aspect, guardian angels work behind the scenes. They go into spiritual warfare against demons.

On the physical aspect, guardian angels protect you from danger or accidents. For instance, you encounter moments when you end up avoiding certain peril by a narrow margin. It may also end up with situations where you left a place then learn about a disaster that happened moments after you left.

You would have evidence of these moments in Scripture, such as Daniel’s story when thrown in the lion’s den. For guardian angels to come and protect, all you need is to ask. Whichever form you use to do so, whether by prayer or song, what matters is that you ask for their guidance.

Another reference in Scripture about this is in Psalm 91:11-12. These passages describe how guardian angels come to your stead to protect you. It assures you that guardian angels are around to keep you from harm in every respect.

Another account of such protection is in the story of Peter, described in Acts 12. In this case, it was when an angel aided him in his prison breakout.

Ward Off Demons

Part of their task as protectors is their duty to ward off demons. They ensure that you remain safe from their clutches. Guardian angels help us resist temptation from various influences around us.

This entails a lot of factors when you look at spiritual warfare. For simpler terms, it means a lot of things for you. It ensures that no harm falls upon you, nor any scheme or machination made against you.

Strengthen Us Against Temptation

The battle for influence in your decisions comes to play in this aspect. As our advisers, they provide counsel. They sway you away from committing evil acts and onward to virtuous actions instead.

To that end, it also ensures that you have the means to resist temptation when it comes. This is also another aspect of spiritual warfare. It is one that also plays into the thought about free will.

Guardian angels provide the influences and inclinations. From it comes ideas and moods that we act upon.

Even so, the decision to act is still within our hands as humans. It still boils down to our choices, whether we should resist and turn away from temptation or give in to it.

Embolden Us Against Fear

Fear can also limit us in what we can do. It also proves useful in preserving us to survive. However, it is also a limiting crutch when you want a breakthrough in your life.

There would be moments when fear grips too hard in our hearts. The fear can be too much to the point that we cannot do the right thing.

While it is a hard battle, it is one that we do not fight alone. The guardian angel set on you also helps in that fight.

This gives us a newfound boldness and courage. It helps us get past our fears, especially due to how powerful these guardian angels are.

Consider the thought that they come from God to watch over you and protect you. The thought alone is one thing to remember. They are also fearsome as they can be a massive good influence.

A curious note about this is how you would know that your guardian angel is with you. One sign you can take note of is when you experience eye flashes, symbolizing their presence.

Counsel Us to Do Good

As our protectors, guardian angels do not only help us in times of need. In this case, they help us choose virtue over vice, to be better versions of ourselves. Even when we are not in danger, our guardian angels are always there to ensure we do good.

In this case, they also act as messengers and intercessors. In this case, they stand before God on our behalf, bringing our prayers and pleas to Him. This also allows us to become closer to God in the process.

Our guardian angels assist in reinforcing God’s precepts and leading us to do more to help others. They do not coerce us at all, but rather they encourage. The choice to take action still lies with us.

Watch Over Us

A guardian angel remains with you until the day of your death. Their duty is to watch over you, guard you, and guide you from beginning to end. They serve as our protectors and counselors upon birth and maintain those duties.

It shows that you are still within divine protection. Children are among those that can sense and perceive the presence of angels. With that in mind, it proves that God does care for all his children.

There Are Guardian Angels Among Us

Guardian angels, while unseen, protect us from spiritual and physical dangers. They influence our actions to take on kind acts in helping people. They guide us to ensure that we continue to push on to fulfill our calling set for us.

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