What Will Happen to My Job If I Don’t Recertify for the CCIE?

November 18, 2022

If you are an experienced employee in Cisco’s Information Technology department, you must have known the CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) Security Exam. We all know the CCIE assessment goes through a comprehensive tech-learning program comprising a semester-based module study method. The core device, wireless troubleshooting, configuration solution, practical problem-solving abilities- Cisco CCIE Security Exam covers all. 

It’s a difficult and lengthy exam that involves 1.5 years of training and eight hours of practical lab exams. Suppose someone successfully passes the CCIE Security Exam with an affluent score of 80%. In that case, Cisco provides a CCIE certificate and approves them as a CCIE-certified IT professional for security and internetwork troubleshooting.

But, the validity of this certificate is 2 years. If someone fails to recertify their CCIE certificate, they must check their credentials for the Cisco certification. There are several important links on the internet where you will get appropriate information for the same.

CCIE Certification: Overview

Cisco offers a recertification process to each of its CCIE-certified employees. When candidates pass the CCIE Security V6 practical exam, they must remember that the certificate’s validity will expire after three years. For example, if someone passed the CCIE Security Exam on April 27, 2022, their CCIE certificate must be recertified on April 27, 2025.

*Previous Rule

Although Cisco has increased the validity duration of the CCIE certificate, the 2020 candidates must remember that their CCIE credential validity is only helpful for the upcoming two years. 

What Happens If You Don’t Rectify the CCIE Certificate?

There are several benefits of having a valid CCEI certificate if you are a working person in Cisco. Here’s what you will miss if you don’t rectify your CCIE certificate. 

Missing High-Scale Salary & Job Alternatives

CCIE is a very tough exam. The qualification is challenging. You will get a title and memorial upon accomplishment of the CCIE program and employment opportunities with salaries ranging from $ 94,000 to $ 111,000 per annum. Since companies would like CCIE-certified professionals to operate for them, such elevated pay rates are the standard. However, there are rarely sufficient to go around. As a result of the scarcity of labor, incomes continue to rise over the period. So, if you don’t recertify your CCIE certificate, you might lose your proposition or better jobs. 

Getting No Exclusive Entry to Additional Resources 

Professionals who have earned the CCIE designation have access to private platforms where they can share data and further their training. As a CCIE-certified specialist, for instance, one can acquire accessibility to Nitro and would be able to receive guidance from other CE on the implementation of upcoming innovations. Continuing workshops on network shifting, cybersecurity, and company administration are offered via the Cisco Professional development program. One can potentially obtain reductions on CCIE items by using their unique CCIE code. You will miss out on fantastic career opportunities if your older CCIE credential is not recertified.  

Zero Privileged Service Proposals

Requests for Cisco professional assistance would favor CCIE qualified experts over ordinary employees. One would have the opportunity to interact with some of Cisco’s most skilled professionals. But, please, remember that you won’t be qualified if you do not upgrade your CCIE certificate or recertify it after three years. 

The Recertification of CCIE Credential

Recertification shows you and your organization that you’ve maintained up with contemporary advancements and that your abilities have been confirmed at the demanding standard of the qualification examination.

How to Recertify Your CCIE Certificate?

Cisco’s recertification process encompasses tech trends and upgradation, as per requirements. Before the credential expires, you Should complete the renewal criteria. Professionals who have had their credentials expire should retake the examination to regain official certification. Requalification may be earned by rising to the following stage of qualifications, obtaining credits, or a blend of the two at some point throughout the exciting moment.

For CCIE Recertification:

If you want to recertify your CCIE certificate, you must-

  • Qualify any three distinct specialist intensity tests
  • Qualify for one of the compulsory tech exams and one of the specialized exams. 
  • Obtain for 1for 20 continuing education points
  • Acquire 40 Cisco-certified Exam points by passing single technology basic assessment.
  • Get 80 Cisco-certified Exam credit points by passing any specialized core test.


Requalification is required every three years for all qualification categories. People who have already been approved would be eligible to requalify by accomplishing professional development actions, taking tests, or a confluence of the two.

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