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What Is Pepega? Everything You Need to Know!

How many of you have heard someone saying Pepega? Have you seen it yet? Or even used it? Okay! Let us guess, there are definitely those people who’ve already become familiar with it and also there are those people, who unfortunately haven’t heard about it, forget about using it!

So, if you belong to the former category then congratulations, you’re enjoying the online ‘Meme’ world. But, if you categorize yourself into the latter category and don’t know what Pepega is! Then, do not disappoint at all because almost every day, there are countless words originating on the internet and it’s completely okay to not have a record of all. And, that’s why we’re here with the motive to introduce you to one of the viral ‘Meme’ of recent times. So, don’t go anywhere, relax yourself, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy reading this comprehensive blog on ‘Pepega’ till the end!

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Pepega Meaning

Pronounced as “peh-pey-guh” Pepega got overnight fame for referring to someone or something that is ‘Stupid’ and is quite commonly accompanied by the slang ‘Retard.’ Pepega has earned itself a substantial spot within the most recognizable figures in the meme world. And, because of its popularity, it has become a go-to reaction meme for representing a person’s response or expression to ‘Stupidity’ in the online streaming world that many have witnessed across the web in various forms for instance in comment sections. 

Understood? May be not because it is important for you to get familiar with a few “Terms” that are associated with PEPEGA. With that, you’ll have a better understanding about Pepega. So, without any further delay, let’s get answer of the followings—

  1. What is Twitch?
  2. What is an Emote?
  3. Who is Pepe the Frog?
  4. How Did the Pepega Emote Emerged?

Though this may seem like a lot, but we assure you that each and every detail of it is incredible and worth reading for!

What is Twitch?

Begin with the first one, let’s tell you that “TWITCH” or TTV (Twitch.tv) is the world’s leading live-streaming website for gamers. It primarily focuses on video games. On the platform, a plenty of different games are streamed, on an everyday basis with these popular titles: League of Legends, Fortnite, Teamfight Tactics, and Grand Theft Auto V.

So, if anyone of you’re a gamer and never tried Twitch then, surely you’re missing out a lot of fun. Anyway! Coming back to the point, launched in 2011 as a subsidiary of Justin.tv, twitch since then has earned millions of users and around 3.9 million unique broadcasters by being partnered with worldwide gaming companies like Overwatch League and Blizzard Entertainment. On the platform, around 15 million users each day stays at least for an average of half an hour that goes up to eight-hours and beyond. Definitely, these are huge numbers for representing how popular the platform is! 

Why is Twitch so popular?

Well, the reasons why Twitch is so much popular among gamers, are many. For instance, one could be that they can interact with other viewers, or live stream their own gameplay to the world while playing computer games. 

In fact, like sports fans follow their favorite player, Twitch platform allows gamers to watch all their favorite gaming personalities while they play.

Additionally, while gaming makes up the majority of the content on Twitch, the platform also features a wide range of variety content geared towards live and recorded broadcasts that hosts music performances, cookery demonstrations, tutorials on art & crafts, talk shows, and an IRL i.e., “In Real Life” section where people live-stream aspects of their lives.

Besides that, another reason for its fame and popularity is that Twitch lets streamers earn huge incentives through various subscriptions and Twitch partnerships. Not believing? Well, “Ninja—the platform’s biggest star” entertains over 11 million followers and reportedly pulls around $500,000 every month.

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How Twitch Works?

On platform, the streamer of any given Twitch channel usually while playing, inlays a webcam video and interacts with their audience using an IRC-style chat-room and a microphone. Well, to your surprise, “Twitch Chat room” is considered a place for bonding and community building rather than just an appealing feature. 

Inside that small Twitch community that sprouts up, all the Twitch streamers developed their own unique language, terms and accessed perks like “emotes” that left outsiders nowhere but in a confusing state of mind.

What is an Emote?

Emotes are the perfect alternatives for words. When you run short of words, you can use emote instead. Not getting it? Understand it in this way, emotes are like emojis that you use every day while chatting on social media platforms to showcase an instantaneous reaction or to add shade, tone, and emotion to any plain-text message. Similarly, Twitch-specific Emotes are exclusive emojis that let you show your support for a streamer on the Twitch chat rooms without using words. Basically they are the heart of Twitch culture and the language of the Twitch community at the same time.

Wondering how many are there? Well, Twitch chat rooms allow streams to use any emote from a total of 30,000+ emotes. It would not be wrong to say that Emotes are one of the prime reasons why Twitch became popular to the extent where it is right now! 

To have an idea of the same, consider looking at these few popular Twitch Emotes. They’re just interesting!

List of 15 Basic Twitch Emotes

Emote CodeEmote Meaning and usageEmote Icon
‘Kappa’Signature emote to use for Sarcasm or humor.
‘HeyGuys’A casual greeting emote used while entering chat rooms or while welcoming a streamer to a stream.
‘LUL’Emote to use when Laughing Out Loud.
‘4Head’Laughing emote used in a mocking way to respond to a lame or bad joke.
‘FrankerZ’Dog emote used in stuff related to a dog.
‘CoolStoryBob’This emote used sarcastically for someone saying something not so important.
‘Jebaited’Used for someone who is tricked or when someone is lured into a trap.
‘NotLikeThis’This emote used to express dismay at an outcome occurs due to a misplay or bad luck.
‘WutFace’Used when you need to express disgust or shock.
‘SeemsGood’A casually agreeing emote that is used when something is good or okay. Basically it’s Twitch’s own “Thumbs up.”
‘ResidentSleeper’Streamers used this emote for someone who literally falls asleep.
‘bleedPurple’This emote is to represent Twitch pride in a visual form.
‘TwitchUnity’Streamers use this emote to show and celebrate Twitch unity, diversity and sense of community.
‘GivePLZ’This emote is used to ask for a game or prize.
‘CurseLit’This emote is Twitch’s own popular version of “fire” emoji.

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Quite, interestingly, Twitch streamers can attach more than one emote together to create a new meaning out of it. Not only that, streamers can also create emotes with their faces on them. Isn’t it amazing! Well, now I’m sure that you must have sensed the overall scenario (of how Pepega emote emerged) beforehand. So, let’s read-ahead to find-out whether you’ve absolutely right or not!

Who is Pepe the Frog?

Well, in the process of having a clear understanding of the emergence of ‘Pepega emote’ from all of this, we’ve come to the star or main character of the story i.e., ‘Pepe—the frog.’ It’s an anthropomorphic green frog cartoon character with a catchphrase: “feels good, man. 

This frog character has a very rich and long history. Want to know the same, here you go!

  • Created by Matt Furie, he first appeared in the comic series ‘Boy’s Club’ by Matt Furie that came in origin in 2005.
  • Soon, the internet adopted Pepe frog as a sort of mascot and turned him into a meme.
  • Then, its usage started on Myspace. There, Pepe frog was used as an ‘in-joke’ by people on forums.
  • Next, he made his way to 4chan and there, people started making different memes of him for using them on different scenarios.
  • In the series of events, soon countless memes of Pepe were created that were stringed to different emotions like people have sad Pepe, happy Pepe, angry Pepe and many more.
  • Afterwards, to create a melancholic meme, Pepe was paired with “Wojak,” also known as “Feels Guy.”
  • In fact, as a matter of fact, celebrities also started sharing Pepe on their social media accounts.
  • Pretty soon after that, Pepe became an online sensation. He even inspired a “religion” called Kekism and not only that, also a fictitious country called Kekistan.
  • Suddenly, story of Furie’s creation “Pepe” takes a sudden and sharp turn in such a way that it was even used by various white nationalist and alt-right groups during Trump’s presidential campaign, Hilary Clinton’s campaign and Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for saying something related to ‘Racist, white supremacy.’ In fact, ADL labeled Pepe as a hate symbol.
  • Next, seeing all this, the character creator Furie, made a lot of efforts to not let anymore do any misuse of his beloved character. But, the twist that turns this overnight sensation Pepe frog into a dark side seems so compelling that even a documentary was made and published about the character.
  • However, his story never ends as Pepe then, goes to Hollywood. A film called “Feels Good Man,” was made about Pepe’s story, from birth till death.
  • And, last but not least, he later on showed up in the Hong Kong protest of 2019 where protestors used him as a symbol of liberty and refusal of the new bill. Out of all, a protestor adopted the frog after talking with Furie. So, that’s how Pepe comes back and becomes Pepe for the people!”.

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How Did the Pepega Emote Emerged from All This?

Now, you have all of the puzzle pieces to the bigger picture of how Pepega emerged! Well, Pepega word is derived from “Pepe”—the frog character and you can pronounce ‘Pepega’ as “Peh-Pey-Guh.” It was combined with a melted image of Pepe’s face to represent a person’s response and/or expression to ‘Stupidity’ in the online streaming world. Initially, when it came in the sight of internet users they authorized this comic character and turned it into a meme material just by placing the Pepe frog emote in other images and supplementing it with several quotes.

Pepega Introduction in the Internet World

With that said, the very first usage of ‘Pepega’ comes in April 2018, in a discord conversation where a user misspelled the meme’s code of Disc by missing its second colon, and apparently from their conversation, the name is taken. Soon after that, it was added to the ‘Twitch Frankerface extension —a video live-streaming platform that provides custom channel emotes.’ Since then, the majority of the world has witnessed a large frequency of ‘Pepega’ usage in Twitch Emotes chats.

Another reason for ‘Pepega’ popularity has to do a lot with dreamer Sebastian “Forsen” Force. His streaming community was initially not happy about the decision of ‘Pepega’ being included in the channel’s emoticon list based on a Reddit user suggestion which led viewers to spam him in his chat over and over again. This incident further resulted in the introduction of a new ‘Pepega’ emoji version that has a ‘Horn’ with the words ‘For San’ –basically for mocking him.

Since then, the majority of the world has often witnessed a large frequency of ‘Pepega’ usage in r/forsen subreddit, Twitch Emotes chats, gaming community, and also on other social platforms.

Pepega Usage?

Pepega comes as a savior for you at times when you don’t want to use words to express your true inner feelings as a response to a ‘Foolish act or statement’ to avoid turning your conversation with someone into a heated argument. 

For instance, just imagine a situation where you’re having a conversation with one of your friends and in the middle of which he/she makes a statement that doesn’t sound realistic and instead seems very foolish. What will you do now? How will you react? You must be thinking to address your friend for his stupidity in such a manner that he doesn’t feel bad about it or take it in an offensive way. Here comes the ‘Pepega’ as your savior.

For such aforementioned situations, you can use ‘Pepega Meme’ as his iconic expressions will definitely describe the context of your feeling in a humorous tone.

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Pepega Emote Versions-

To your surprise, there’s a diverse range of Pepe—the Frog emojis available on the internet to compliment you in different situations. Have a look:

  • A Happy Pepe that depicts the expression when an individual is pleased.
  • A Sad Pepe that describes the expression of disappointment or sadness.
  • An Angry Pepe that indicates the feelings of rage or frustration.
  • A Smug Pepe that is used when something sinister or malicious occurs.

In addition to these, you’ll get the various extended versions of the original emote and to give you a fair idea of the same we’ve mentioned them right here. So, have your attention and enjoy these other versions of the viral ‘Pepega Meme’ right here:

Pepega Megaphone—

Pepega Megaphone is an alternative Pepega edition, created none other than by some twitch users, two years ago in October 2018. This version of Pepega especially made for teasing Sebastian ‘Forsen.’ The reason why it is called the ‘Pepega Megaphone’ is because of its appearance. In the meme image, Pepega is seen with a red megaphone, screaming with this text written: “FOR SAN.” Any one of you can use this Pepega Penguin icon for communicating whatever you feel like just by making your own version of Pepega megaphone.

Pepega Penguin—

Pepega Penguin is not directly related to Pepega and in fact is quite different from the Pepega emote. Basically, Pepega Penguin is related to the stream VRchat Penguin Sicko mode in which broadcasters are giving penguin avatar to players for capturing their facial expressions on the avatar that got famous in streams-memes and therefore, this Pepega Penguin is added in the list of Pepega versions.

Pepega Hands—

Pepega Hands, another extended version of original Pepega emote. In this version, the Pepega image is added either with other Pepe emotes or with other characters’ hands. People use this versatile version of Pepega according to their choice, interest, and humor.

Pepega PNG—

Pepega PNG or ‘Pepega Portable Network Graphic’ as the name suggests, refers to such images that can be used in many ways. Pepega PNG transparent images are mostly used by memers to make their own version of memes.

Papega GIFs—

Pepega GIFs or Pepega Graphics Interchange Format is nothing but a bitmap or moving image of the original Pepega emote in which Pepe—the Frog moves from left to right in a static way without changing his facial expression at all.That’s all! I hope this blog covered everything you needed to know about the viral and very popular Twitch emote – ‘Pepega.’ And, after knowing what exactly does Pepega mean, if you really enjoyed reading about Pepega and loved it so much that you now wish to use it in your WhatsApp conversations then, download the ‘Pepega Emote & Pepega Stickers’ for Whatsapp either from the Google Play Store app or from this direct link “https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.federici.twitchstickers&hl=en.

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The Pepega Song & Lyrics

To end this blog, we would like to leave you with a ‘Pepega Song’ which is quite popular like Pepega itself. Composed with simple drum and lean piano tune, some dedicated Pepega lovers made this viral Pepega song about emotes and stream related jokes. So, enjoy this catchy melodious Pepega song……… 

“When you gachibass when you see a hot girl, Pepega, Pepega.

When you watch Foresen’s stream in full screen mode, Pepega, Pepega.

When you raid a channel all by yourself, Pepega, Pepega.

When you exclude Twitch from AdblockPlus, Pepega, Pepega.

When you watch the Rajj Show for dating tips, Pepega, Pepega.

When you wake up in Sweden and say good morning to trainwrecks, Pepega, Pepega.

When you true LULW but you muted the stream, Pepega, Pepega.

When you subbed to Forsen for the CD emote, Pepega, Pepega.

When you stream sniped soda but forgot to plug the mic, Pepega, Pepega, Pepega.

When you start a crab rave and no one is banned, Pepega, Pepega.

When you spam ‘:)’ when the streamer says “who”, Pepega, Pepega.

When you gift 20 subs in Ninja’s channel, Pepega, Pepega.

When you copy the names of copypasta spammers, Pepega, Pepega.

When you consider the D OMEGALUL C a top-notch memer, Pepega, Pepega.

When the stream turns off and you donate $5, Pepega, Pepega.

When you 3Head Destiny and 5Head kandyland, Pepega, Pepega.

When you choked your hamster between your knees.”

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