What is Balayage, and Why Should I Pick This Highlight?

January 18, 2023

One of the effective means of staying attractive is having fabulous hair. It’s, however, not enough to have great hair; you need such matching and impeccable highlight to put you above others wherever you might find yourself. If you are a fashionista with an interesting fashion sense, especially in the hair niche, then you must have heard balayage. If you haven’t, here is your chance of unveiling the best twist of balayage you could get, especially from Charles Worthington Salons.

What is Balayage?

As funny as this might appear, the word is pronounced BAH-LEE-AHGE because it’s a French word meaning “sweeping.” Your hair isn’t doing the sweeping, but it sweeps on the hair to create exciting highlights. The balayage technique involves a free-hand painting of highlights to the hair, giving natural and soft rays of lightness towards the end of the hair. The balayage technique is such that it is so detailed since its free-hand. It takes the best saloons to get the feeling the exact way. After the touch, you are having the looks of “summer spent at the beach, or an unintentional but incredible highlight on a child. The most interesting fun fact you should note is that contrary to popular opinions, the highlight is not for blondes only but has an even more distinctive look on every shade of hair. This highlight would not just add more beauty; it brings out the softness and the sun-kissed part of your beauty. Imagine a balayage sitting on dark skin; such mesmerizing beauty.

There are several variations in applying these highlights. Some colorists prefer not to separate the hair, others use cotton pieces for the separation, and some just prefer using foil as the divider. Irrespective of the one you’d love to have on, the Charles Worthington Salons has got you covered. If you are wondering what makes balayage popular, it’s because of the nature of use; it allows the free-hand selection of highlights that most suit the color of your model. Another reason for its popularity is its natural-looking placement and customized look that will enable it to grow out. Nothing could go wrong with the right balayage highlight and the right saloon to get you glammed up! 

Is There Any Difference Between Balayage And Highlights?

Don’t get it mixed up; highlights and balayage are not the same. Highlights are a broader term, and it refers to hair having a lighter color compared to its base color. Most fashionistas and models believe highlights are for blondes only; this is not true. It can be applied to lightening strands of any shade of hair, be it blonde, curly, or even dark hairs. Highlights are typically applied to hair via foiling. This process involves using foil sheets to separate an already covered strand of hair or the lightener before wrapping them in foil. The main reason for using the foil is to keep the lightener from touching every part of the hair, and it also helps to keep the air in the highlighted part, allowing the highlight to be used more effectively. Note that when using the foil highlights, they should be placed close to the scalp, and this will help lighten the hair from the root to give a uniform highlighted look. 

The Balayage, on the other hand, as explained above, is a free-hand means of applying highlights without the use of foil to separate the hair. It creates natural and soft graduation of lightness from the scalp to all other hair parts, giving a professionally lightened hair. The balayage is very detailed as the movement is from the scalp to the mid-shaft and the end of the hair.  

How Balayage Works for Different Hair Colour Types:

As established above, balayage is not for blondes alone; it can be applied to any hair type. If you are unsure if it will work for you, you should read this to the end to be sure. However, it’s going to suit your hair more than you imagined. Here are some of the variations in usage.

Balayage and Red-hairs:

If you have red hair, you should probably add a lighter auburn highlight for free-painting effects. Balayage allows you to add bleach or tint depending on your hair quality.

Balayage with Dark/Black Hairs:

This appears to be odd, but it’s about the most radiant. You’d always want a lighter effect on most dark brown hair types. You might as well apply the brown hue on the face to keep the shades balanced

Balayage on Tightly Curled Afro Hair:

Here’s another seemingly impossible combination. However, it’s possible to have balayage on this hair type. All you need to do is ensure you visit a professional salon like the Charles Worthington Salons for a professional colorist’s touch. 

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