What to Include in a CV Personal Statement

January 2, 2023

Applying for a job starts with the proper representation of a candidate. That’s your resume and a CV that you offer to a hirer as an advertisement of your skills and experience. Certainly, you have written resumes before, yet what about a CV? Do you know that your CV can make no less impression on HR? 

The first thing that a recruiter looks at in your CV is its Personal Statement block. This part of a document is usually placed on the top right after your personal information. It is not occasionally as lots of recruiters use automated solutions to weed the flow of resumes and CVs. These automated software filter documents by several filters including parsing the personal statement block to indicate whether it is relevant to the vacancy or not.

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How to File a Personal Statement Block in a CV

This informational block allows a recruiter to make a fast decision on whether you suit the vacancy they offer. So the information in a personal statement block should enclose your bright sides in full. Besides, you should include some relevant keywords in it to prevent refusal due to automated filtration. These keywords should correspond with the vacancy you apply for. Let’s take an example of this.

Imagine that you are going to apply for a web designer’s position. How will the recruiter understand in 10 seconds that you are the best option to hire? He looks at your CV and sees in a personal statement block that you have experience in web design. There are also listed the technologies you use in your work (i.e. WordPress, Tilda, or something like that). These words are key for a recruiter. Besides, each automated software will also indicate these words as relevant and worth attention.

The essence is clear, right?

Now let’s consider what to write in a personal statement block. This part of a CV is an excerpt that allows a recruiter or a hirer to understand in brief who are you and what’s your value. 

So you should briefly indicate there the following facts:

  • Introduction of yourself.
  • List the target job you apply for.
  • Name your key skills that will be useful for the job you apply for.
  • Add your career goals.

All these facts should be listed in the shortened form of no more than 200 words. So avoid wordy sentences. They should also be structured and easy to comprehend. Besides, they must be truthful! Does it sound tough for you? We have a good idea in this case! Just start your CV with a template-based personal statement! You can find the sample of this informational block in a special CV maker. All you need to do with it is just to fill it with the information and save it to your device. 

So it will be eating pears for you to create a good CV and avoid automated filtration of your CV into a trash bin. Complete your first step to a brilliant career right now.

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