Considerations When Hiring a Refrigerated Trucking Company

By Alex
May 1, 2023

Logistics may be a challenge for businesses that deal with perishable goods. Product life cycles are short; therefore, they need to get to the market as quickly as possible. Product spoiling is a problem during the off-season since there is more supply than demand. Refrigerated transport is an immediate option since it assures that the items stay fresh throughout transit and distribution. Businesses often outsource this service since it involves a considerable investment. In addition, the organization may lack the necessary skills to execute refrigerated freight. If you are an entrepreneur, read on for more information about this refrigerated transportation company that you should hire for your business.

The Supply Chain’s Visibility

Due to the perishable nature of refrigerated cargoes, you must have real-time visibility into the logistics of your shipment. Shipments that arrive on time are less likely to be ruined or rejected, and tracking features that keep you updated about your cargo’s whereabouts provide you the confidence that your shipment is on schedule. Find out whether your carriers can see inside their supply chain. What are your options for checking on the progress and location of your shipment? Are there any specific steps you’ll need to take before finding a truck? No, I don’t have access to my historical shipment data and analytics. As a result of these questions, you’ll be able to see what carrier interactions might look like if your cargo had an issue.

Reliability and Truck’s Temperature Range

Of course, the temperature range is the most critical consideration when selecting a refrigerated vehicle. Different sorts of freight need different temperatures, and you can’t give the service if you don’t have the range to accommodate them. Therefore, you should search for a company with a temperature range that gives you the most significant number of transit possibilities. 

The consistency with which the temperature is maintained is also crucial. The finest vehicles utilize a variety of sensors to maintain a constant temperature and minimize temperature changes. Even a slight temperature increase or decrease may lead to product spoilage, which can result in a significant financial loss for everyone involved, including your company. 

Customer Satisfaction and Reputation

Begin reading online reviews from other buyers to better understand why customer satisfaction is important. Past clients might show a company’s working environment via their reviews. Find out whether they have any reviews on their website before hiring them. To learn about more opinions, use Google or another search engine. People may post evaluations on the company’s Google My Business page. Go online and look for more reviews of the transportation business. Customers of similar firms may have written about their own experiences on their blogs. Look up their social media accounts, particularly on Facebook and Twitter. People are more prone to share their negative experiences on these platforms. It’s particularly true if they’re having trouble contacting the company’s customer support.

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Access to a Variety of Equipment

Customers want things delivered on time, regardless of whether it’s daily or during a seasonal increase. You need information from possible freight partners regarding their tender response rates, tender response timings, and the ability to deliver transportation for a last-minute request. Some organizations are pursuing a new approach to freight termed a digital freight network. Corporations collaborate with tens of thousands of verified, contractual carriers to ensure that there is always someone ready to convey products.

Examine the Company’s Assets

There are three types of resources that you should consider: human, financial, and equipment. There should be enough training and expertise in cold chain management among firm employees. It ensures that they know how to get the items ready for travel, the best temperatures and procedures for transport, and how to keep an eye on the products while they’re being hauled. There must be a proven track record of profitability. It protects them from problems that might impede the shipping of their goods. The corporation may, for example, use another vehicle to convey your goods if a truck is out of commission. You’ll want to focus on the company’s fleet of cars while examining its equipment. For the most part, the vehicles need to be in top working order. It is also essential that the refrigeration system is in tip-top shape.

Needs for Special Trailers or Packaging

Trucks are required to suit the specific demands of certain refrigerated items. Meat and flowers, for example, maybe transported in this manner. Meat intended for human consumption requires a food-grade trailer to fulfill FDA standards, although it is unlikely to necessitate any changes to the truck itself. On the other hand, flowers require a more complicated internal structure to ensure their safe arrival to their final destination. Determine whether your cargo has any unique needs and if your carrier or broker can accommodate them by providing the proper trailer or packing.

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