What Can You Do About Dead Grass on Your Lawn?

March 23, 2023

Are you excited about spring?

After all, most parts of the country are starting to slowly warm-up. That means you’ll need to start preparing your lawn for the sunny weather of spring and summer.

When it comes to being a homeowner, lawn care can be fun but it can also feel like a full-time job. Especially when you discover patches of dead grass. Fortunately, this article can help. 

Here we offer great advice on how to fix dead grass so you can have the greenest lawn ever. Keep reading to learn more.

What Causes Dead Spots in Your Lawn?

Let’s start by discussing some of the common causes of dead spots that appear on your lawn. This is important because once you understand the causes, you can then take measures to prevent them from occurring.

Typically, when the grass turns brown, it’s because there’s either a lack of water reaching the root system due to broken sprinkler or overexposure to the sun which causes the grass to burn.

This usually happens because the lawn isn’t being properly cared for, which usually happens due to a few common mistakes. Below, we look at some of those common lawn care mistakes many homeowners make.

Cutting Grass Too Short

Here is a significant crime against the health of your grass that you might not even know you’re committing. Cutting your grass too short will cut the roots to be overly exposed to sunlight, thus it will dry out and die.

The key is to check the blade setting on your mower to make the blade is positioned high enough to cut the grass at the proper length. This enables you to keep your lawn looking nicely landscaped without risking getting burned by the sun.

Improper Fertilization

The pH in your soil is extremely important to the health of your lawn. Too little nutrients and your grass won’t grow as green and lush as it should, and yet over fertilizing can burn your grass.

The key is to buy an at-home test that tells you exactly how much fertilizer your lawn currently needs.

Lack of Aeration

It’s important to understand that when your soil is too dense, it will be unable to get enough moisture to stay healthy and green. This will result in the dead, brown grass. Thus you’ll need to aerate your lawn so that water can penetrate and reach the roots.

Hire a Professional Lawn Care Service

One of the best investments you can make in the health of your lawn is to hire lawn care professionals. These are specialists who understand what’s best for your grass, have the skills to revive dead spots, and make your lawn look better than ever.  

When you’re ready to hire an experienced lawn care service, be sure to check out https://rdslawncare.com/.

A Guide to Dealing with Dead Grass

If you’re like most homeowners, you take pride in making your lawn look as healthy and beautiful as possible. This can be quite a challenge. The good news is these tips on how to revive dead grass will help make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

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