What to do Before Calling for Emergency Furnace Repair

February 8, 2022

Let’s say it’s winter; you wake up and find your home is chilly. Later, you discover that your heater has malfunctioned. What will you do? The first thing you will probably do is think about calling Nortech heating contractors

But before you call the team, you could follow some straightforward steps to see if you might repair the furnace without professional help. You will not only solve the problem without assistance from a professional, but you will also save time and money. 

5 Things to Do Before Reaching Out to an Emergency Furnace Repair Service

1. Evaluate the Thermostat

  • Ensure the thermostat is turned on and you adjust to “heat.”This should happen, but you will be surprised to know about the number of service calls that occur since the homeowner wasn’t aware of the adjusted settings, hence home inspection is required.
  • In the fan settings, you can change it from “on” to “auto.” If not, the fan might malfunction even if heat isn’t being felt. 
  • If you’re experiencing low temperatures, you can adjust the thermostat’s settings to determine if your furnace works correctly. 

2. Ensure the Furnace Can be Switched On

If you use a gas furnace and experience an electric power failure, the furnace will stop functioning. There is a chance that the circuit breaker has been cut off.

If this is the situation, you could adjust by resetting the circuit. Should the circuit break off again, contact a professional and get it fixed as soon as possible. 

3. Look at The Air Filter

Do you have an air filter that’s clogged? If so, there is a chance that air won’t be heated correctly. Clogged air filters might cause the furnace to malfunction. Ensure you get rid of the filter and use your light to check the furnace. Can’t see anything? You need to replace the furnace filter. It is recommended to assess the furnace filter regularly. 

4. If You’re Using Gas, Ensure There is Enough Supply

If you’ve repaired your furnace recently, there is a chance that the repairman might have turned off the gas and didn’t remember to turn it on after completing the repairs. If not, maybe your gas company might have cut off the gas lines during regular maintenance. 

You could contact the gas company and find out if there is a problem. Here is what you need to do:

  • Look at your gas supply at the meter. 
  • Assess the gas valve. If it’s on and everything else is working correctly, the handle will match the pipe. If the gas valve is turned off, the line will be vertical to the handle. 

If gas is leaking, you can shut down the supply and get in touch with a specialist. 

5. Look at the Pilot light.

Several up-to-date furnaces will hold an ignitor attached with flame sensors instead of a pilot light. Both the flame sensor and the ignitor can become worn out, and you will have to repair them. It is well-known that the flame sensor and ignitor will cause problems after using the furnace for some time. 

Older furnaces might have pilot lights. Maintenance can turn off the pilot light. If it’s out and still has a gas supply, you can attempt to turn the pilot light on following the proper instructions. This will be made possible using a fireplace match.

If this is not something you want to do, you can contact a professional ASAP. 

4 Things You Should Know Before Calling a Repair Service

If you follow the steps mentioned above, and you don’t solve the problem, you could reach out to a furnace repair company. Knowing the following things will assist the technician when it comes to repairing the furnace:

  • Write down the furnace’s age. 
  • If the repair service has worked with you before, let them know. 
  • Give out the name of the brand.
  • Take note of the proper steps you followed when attempting to detect the issue.

You need to contact a furnace repair company if you seek emergency repairs. But the big question will be, which is the right company to work with and which one is available during emergencies and reliable? Hiring a reliable company will give you peace of mind knowing that specialists deal with the problem while focusing on other projects. When you have a malfunctioned furnace, don’t attempt to use DIY methods if you lack the skills and experience. Ensure you speak to the experienced technicians and let them know about the issues before repairing the furnace.

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