What You Need to Know About Swimming With Dolphins in Cabo Condo

By Alex
February 8, 2022

The human’s fascination with dolphins is not a recent occurrence but rather a lifelong desire to learn and understand these spectacular mammals. Dolphins can be regarded as the most intelligent whales in the sea especially as they can recognize themselves when in front of a mirror. This and the friendliness they possess have made man interested in becoming friends with these wonderful animals.

It is always a dream come true to be able to swim with dolphins and if this is one of the things on your bucket list, this article will provide you with all you need to know about swimming with dolphins in Cabo Condo.

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It is Safe to Swim with Dolphins

You’ve heard of stories discouraging the interactions between dolphins and human beings as being unsafe. Animal rights groups have been criticizing the Swimming-with-the Dolphins (SWTD) initiatives since the early days of its existence. In their opinion, the domestication of dolphins poses risks to both dolphins and human beings.

To counter this, it is important to understand that the necessary precautions are taken to enable the dolphins to freely interact with humans without the fear of an attack. Just like any other intelligent creatures, dolphins can be trained and they have been for the longest time possible. This training ensures that the dolphins feel safe and do not view humans as a threat therefore interact with us in harmony.

Before you make it to one of our programs, be sure to read on the Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about this topic.

Swimming with Dolphins Centres Are Certified

With all the criticism that has flooded this industry, swimming with dolphins centers like Cabo Dolphins and Dolphin Swim Adventure are certified and uphold the measures set up by the Humane Conservation program. This program ensures that the dolphins are properly taken care of, well treated, and protected from any predators. When compared to the wild, domesticated dolphins live up to 50 years unlike those in the wild that only go to 30.

Prepare to Listen and Learn 

Knowledge is power and the dolphin trainers have embraced it through the ‘Sharing is caring’ slogan which encourages the spread of this information. When you interact with the employees, you will see very knowledgeable bright guys ready to impact you with as much information about the dolphin as you can remember. The best thing you can do is understand more about the dolphins and how they work than anything else.

The information you acquire from the listening part of this experience will improve your experience, especially when dealing with the dolphins. Being more informed not only allows us to converse with other mammals but also to stay harmoniously in our secluded natural settings.

All Participants Must Use a Lifejacket 

All the participants in this program are required to wear a lifejacket for ultimate safety and protection. Although it is mainly a physical activity, swimming with the dolphins is emotionally dependent on the high number of adrenaline produced as the scene gets more intense. This life jacket is important regardless of the person’s swimming experience as it allows even those with not-so-good skills to survive this rigorous experience.

Dolphins are Delicate 

Although dolphins may seem monstrous at first, their skin is highly delicate and susceptible to cuts and distortion from deodorants, perfume, and sunscreen. It is easy for a dolphin to adopt you in a day and spend the rest of their lives with you. Similarly, dolphins may go through anguish from overexposure and in unkept conditions that prevent normal lifestyles to exist.

Participants are highly advised if not encouraged to remain hydrated at all times and ensure they don’t own personal effects during the exhibitions. No watches, deodorant, or bangles should be worn. Only a swimsuit will be expected to swim with the dolphins.

It is Not Expensive

We always have this notion that good things are expensive. To experience one of your dreams and tick off something from your bucket list, we have designed a well-thought-out style of entertaining and socializing that can be accessible to all, including children of 4 years and above.

To make it a no-brainer activity, we have divided the time spent on this activity to 20 minutes for kids and a maximum of 1 hour for an adult on the body. Also, the extended part of the event counts in determining the overall performance and exhibition.

Coming to Cabo will require a total reset of any fears or myths on your side, and we hope this article gives insights on the dos and don’ts of the swimming with the dolphins campaigns getting back as quiet as always.

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