When Should You Use Soft Washing Method?

February 8, 2022

There are a variety of professional cleaning methods for you to choose from. Amongst the top three contenders, i.e., power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing, most homeowners are often at a loss to selecting the correct method for the right part of their home. The cleaning process you choose for each surface will affect the effectiveness of the cleaning method and the amount of damage likely to be done to the surface. It is vital to choose a suitable method of cleaning for each surface. For example, if you want to preserve the work done by professional painters, you need to use soft washing because all the other methods will make short work of a paint job. This article will address the role soft washing can play in your home and provide you with handy tips for managing the entire process. 

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What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a specialized professional cleaning method that uses a particular cleaning solution and low-pressure water (under 500 Pascals per square inch) to get rid of dirt from surfaces in your home. This solution is specially formulated from a mixture of chemicals that will kill all the organic matter and loosen the dirt and grime on your surfaces. Soft washing relies on applying the unique cleaning solutions, then allowing it to set in for the prescribed time (depending on the cleaning solution and the stubbornness of the dirt being removed). 

Which Areas in Your Home Require Soft Washing?

Soft washing relies on the cleaning solution. The water’s job is to wash away the dead and loosened dirt from the surface. As such, soft washing uses very low-pressure water jets, it is even safe to put your hand out in front of such low pressure. Soft washing is the most appropriate method when dealing with delicate surfaces that are unlikely to withstand high power and pressure washing pressures. 

Homeowners engage in periodic cleaning as part of restoration and maintenance to keep their houses in perfect shape. It is recommended to use soft washing whenever in doubt because it minimizes repairs necessitated by damage resulting from high-pressure cleaning methods.

Delicate Surfaces

Any surface that is likely to be damaged by the high-pressure water jets used in power and pressure washing should be designated for soft washing. Shingles and other delicate roofing systems often have clauses that void the homeowners’ warranty if the roof is subjected to rough cleaning methods like pressure and power washing. Soft washing is recommended for surfaces like rooftops, windows, and exterior walls made of vinyl panels. 

Although concrete seems to handle high-pressure cleaning methods, it also gradually erodes with each high-pressure wash. Whenever possible, it is advised to soft wash surfaces that are generally considered durable enough for high-pressure cleaning methods, e.g., driveways. Softwashing uses more detergents, and while it takes more time and technique, it certainly offers superior results. 

Any Surface Affected by Organic Dirt

Mould, mildew, soil, fungus, algae, lichen, germs, mosses, viruses, plants, insects, and other organic life forms often find their way to our home surfaces. Interior surfaces are not as vulnerable to organic dirt as exterior surfaces, e.g., rooftops, windows, and perimeter walls. Such surfaces are constantly exposed to the elements and thus are more vulnerable to rot or wear and tear if left to accumulate with organic dirt. 

When it comes to wiping out organic waste at its root or spores, soft washing is the best method available. Power washing and pressure washing will only remove the top layer of the organic matter, thus allowing it to terrorize you soon thereafter. The chemicals in a soft washing solution dwell on the surface for several minutes and kill all traces of organic matter on it. Unlike the other professional cleaning methods, soft washing will both clean and disinfect your surfaces. 

If your roofing, windows, perimeter walls, gutters, and open drainages are starting to acquire greenish layers, then you need to call a professional cleaning company. Their technicians will assess your situation and recommend the most appropriate cleaning method for each of your surfaces. Be sure to check online reviews for the most reputable professional cleaning company in your area.

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