What is a Whiteboard Video?

By Ankit
January 16, 2023

Video whiteboard is a motion graphics animation style that tells a story or explains a specific topic on a whiteboard, mimicking the well-known college and university whiteboard.  For this reason, exhibitors usually prefer to explain complex topics in a way that is more interesting to the viewer.  You can always ask the experts for an animated video explainer by Explain Ninja.

The whiteboard’s link to educational institutions has given this format a more pedagogical style.  However, this does not only apply to educational institutions, more and more companies are using this technique to demonstrate and describe their processes and products.

Companies and entrepreneurs have found this methodology to be an ideal solution for explaining their physical or digital products, such as mobile applications (APPs).  Because they can upload the video to their website or distribute it via social media because it adapts to the responsiveness and conciseness that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube require.  This allows potential customers to interact, leave questions in the comments, or share content with their friends.

Whiteboard Video Specifications

The most common elements that make up a video recording universe or video boards are drawings of objects and characters, clouds or thought bubbles, arrows, and short texts.  But these are not complex illustrations; on the contrary, they look like unfinished sketches.

In most cases, the whiteboard explainer videos appear to be outlined with a clear marker stroke, giving the impression that they were made by hand.  The outline of sketches is usually black, blue, green, and red.

The beauty of this kind of video is that the elements look like unfinished drawings.  Thus, they resemble a brief explanation on a chalkboard or an idea development in a company conference room.  So much so that the whiteboard has a narrative thread of a human hand – like a teacher’s – that draws, erases, or adds elements to tell a story or illustrate a sentence.

An omniscient storyteller is usually another typical characteristic of this format.  A firm but the friendly voice that guides the speech of the video, acting as exhibitor or teacher on duty.

The sum of all these elements allows you to design a complex theme in a dynamic, fresh, simple, and fun way.

Remember, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it.

How to Make Animated Whiteboard Videos?

There is no single formula for doing this type of drawing animation: the first is done manually and the second is done in a more automated way using specialized software.

With Free Online Animation Software

Moreover, the offer for this type of cartoon is diverse.  There are free options that have libraries of ready-made drawings that can be placed according to the purpose of the audiovisual image. 

Animation Software with Paid License

On the other hand, there are paid licensed programs that are used by animation studios to create professional animations.

It is important to keep in mind that production companies do not use one program, but combine several to perform illustrations, animation, music, etc. The most famous programs: After Effects, Premiere, Flash, Photoshop, Final Cut, Illustrator, and others.

Traditional or Manual Method

It consists of placing a camera in front of a chalkboard and drawing each of the story elements.  You have to erase and paint scene by scene.  Finally, one should play in fast motion.

Now you know all about whiteboard animations and have a solid understanding of how such videos are created.

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