3 Reasons Why Cloud Storage Solutions are the Best for Students

February 9, 2022

In recent years, cloud storage has started gaining more popularity. Not only businesses implement this solution but also students of different institutions. Studies usually require them to keep tons of learning materials, so they resort to clouds as it’s really convenient. Why? If you are keeping all your files on Mac, you might need to reduce system storage, which is not always a viable option. However, you can also buy extra cloud space.

Cloud storage is a service that keeps data in a special cloud environment managed by a third party. In general, there are four categories of cloud storage: personal, public, private, and hybrid. Before we dig deeper into the advantages of cloud storage, let’s consider the types mentioned above. 

The Types of Cloud Environment 

Personal cloud storage is available to any individual through popular platforms like Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, Google Workspace, and so on. These services are also called mobile cloud storage. They allow users to access their personal data from any location, sync information, and share it from different devices. Today, most people backup their files in a cloud in addition to their PC storage. 

Public cloud storage or so-called storage as a service (STaaS) is typically used but businesses that need space to store their software and application data. Providers of STaaS manage all of the hardware, which is a big advantage and a significant drawback at the same time. Unfortunately, this may cause compliance issues with regulations like GDPR.

On the contrary, private clouds are usually hosted on an organization’s physical location. This type of storage allows IT teams to fully manage the cloud and benefit from additional security features since they control every single aspect of the network. Private storage is absolutely transparent since the servers are right there, not thousands of miles away. However, companies may face challenges with data backup.

Hybrid clouds include an organization’s private storage and a public cloud environment at the same time. This type of storage is more flexible compared to those mentioned above. Companies can decide on their own in which cloud to store their files depending on the current circumstances and their specific needs. 

Check the benefits of so-called clouds below!

1. Usability 

Most cloud services have an extremely easy-to-use interface. To add files there, you just need to drag and drop them. No complex actions are required! Uploading your data on Google Drive or iDrive will take just a few minutes. You don’t have to be an expert to learn how to do it, everything is pretty simple. This is a huge benefit for students who always lack time because of numerous assignments and exam preparation. 

2. Accessibility 

College life means that you must be in many different places during the day. Students usually need to travel really a lot, getting from their campus to the library or a gym. Commuting takes a lot of time which shouldn’t be wasted. It would be a great decision to prepare for classes on your way to a certain destination. However, how to do it if you don’t have textbooks with you? The solution can be in cloud storage. You can upload digital copies of all learning materials to your cloud and revise them anytime you need. Cloud spaces allow you to access your files from multiple devices no matter where you are. Most importantly, you must have a good internet connection as your data is saved online. 

3. Safety

For anything associated with the world wide web, safety must become your number one priority. As the risk of cyberattacks and data leaks is huge nowadays, you must make security issues your primary concern. Luckily, popular cloud services ensure that your personal information is safe. Since cloud storage keeps your files across multiple servers, you will not lose them even if one of the data centers suddenly collapses. In this case, providers use the other centers to manage and supervise your data. What’s more, cloud spaces usually make backup copies of your files, so it’s impossible to lose them. 

Final Thoughts

As you see, cloud storage is a great solution to keep your multiple files in one place. Its major benefits are usability, accessibility, and safety. Hopefully, now you realize how advantageous a cloud environment is.

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