Why Every Landscape Needs a Fine Gardener

Fine gardening makes the difference between a regular landscape and an eye-catching landscape. Beyond the regular maintenance, fine gardeners take note of all the details needed to give you a polished landscape, from proper flower care to maintaining your pond; they provide every service your landscape would need.

When you work with fine gardeners from top landscaping firms like Lanterra services, there are many benefits you can enjoy. As a homeowner, hiring a fine gardener will save you a lot of stress and time, in addition to enhancing your property’s curb appeal. In case you are planning to sell the property anytime soon, the enhanced curb appeal can only make your property more desirable to potential buyers.

In this article, we will discuss how a fine gardener can be beneficial for your landscape.

Why You Need a Fine Gardener for Your Landscape

Fine gardeners have a deep knowledge of plants and landscaping, which enables them to take care of your garden while following your landscape design intent. They are concerned with the overall look of your landscape and can also proffer solutions and make recommendations that will bring out the best in your landscape. Some of the services they can offer include:

Proper Flower Care

Flowers are beautiful, colorful, and tender, but without the proper care, they will die off even before they get to blossom. Fine gardeners would not only help you plant the right flowers that would blend with your home but would also care for them all through the various seasons of the year. They will take care of watering, weeding, and trimming your flowers so that they remain vibrant at all times.

Lawn Mowing

Some homeowners often get too busy and forget to mow their lawns, making them unattractive. Fine gardeners would ensure that your lawn doesn’t overgrow even in your absence; they would occasionally mow it and keep it leveled at all times.

Litter Removal

Sometimes, litter such as plastic shopping bags and candy wraps from the neighboring environments find their way into the lawn and flower beds, giving it an untidy look. Also, flowers and trees may lightly shed their leaves and would need to be cleared up at intervals. While you may not have time for some cleaning, fine gardeners do. They would ensure that your property remains tidy.

Pond or Pool Maintenance

Many private and commercial properties have swimming pools and small ponds, which improves their curb appeal. Ponds and pools need frequent maintenance as they can get filled with leaves, grasses, twigs, plastics, and other particles. If not well taken care of, they may become musky, and over time, the once beautiful pond may become home to algae. In addition to maintaining ponds, fine gardeners also have the skill to clean and reform contaminated ponds.

Pruning Shrubs and Trees

Shrubs and trees require pruning seasonally to ensure that they remain healthy. Pruning helps to keep plants in shape, ensures it doesn’t overgrow, and also allows you to remove diseased branches. In return, you will have healthier plants with more flowers and thicker foliage. While this looks simple, it requires the skill of a gardener and an understanding of plant bloom cycles to know when and how to prune some plants properly. On your own, you may not be able to tell the best seasons in the year that are suitable for pruning certain plants.

Insect and Disease Control

A fine gardener knows when your plant is being attacked by insects or is infected with a disease. First, they take preventive measures against pests and diseases to ensure your plants remain healthy, and when there is an attack, they know the best way to intervene. For instance, when your plants are being attacked by insects, with the understanding of the life cycle of insects, your gardener would know what chemical to use and the best time to use it. Your gardener would also be able to spot if a diseased plant is a result of a viral or bacterial infection or a result of a lack of nutrients. In both cases, they would know the appropriate steps to take to restore the plant.

Your landscape is an important part of your home’s appearance, whether as a private owner or as a commercial property. It goes beyond just planting flowers, shrubs, and trees. It requires attention to little details every now and then to ensure it stays in good shape. Fine gardeners are equipped with valuable skills and horticultural knowledge that can be used to maintain, improve, and transform the appearance of your landscape regardless of the size.

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