What Makes Manga So Popular?

January 13, 2023

When you think of Manga, images of cell-shaded heroes dancing in puberty and paunchy old men reading obsessively probably come to mind. But there’s so much more to this graphic novel’s form than just superheroes and eyeliner. Manga is huge in Japan and is increasingly popular across the globe. So, what is it about this Japanese art form that has captivated readers and artists around the globe?

Manga has a long and storied history in Japan, dating back before World War II. Initially, Manga was a method of storytelling used by samurai to relay important information to their children. As the practice of reading manga for leisure grew during the postwar period, so did the art form. Today, Manga books are a staple of Japanese culture and a key component of many people’s daily lives.

What is Manga?

Manga books are a form of Japanese comic books created by artists living in Japan. The word itself is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word “panorama,” which describes the Manga books’ wide range of genres, subjects, settings, and characters. If you want to read a copy of a comic book, just look for collectibles stores near me and get one!

Like any other form of art, Manga books have their roots in the culture of Japan, tradition, history and which are traced back to the 18th century. Manga books first appeared in the West in the late 19th century, when Japanese immigrants brought the art form to the United States and Europe. It wasn’t until the post-World War II era that Manga books took off in the United States and Europe.

How are Manga books Created?

Manga books are created using a combination of Japanese and Western styles. The Japanese influence can be seen in the art’s carefully detailed backgrounds, while the Western style is evident in the use of panel boundaries and a consistent writing style.

These two elements come together to shelves in the complex and detailed realm of Manga books. While American comics are created primarily in the United States, the United States’ location near many other countries with distinct artistic traditions makes American Manga books’ style of art comparatively simple by comparison. This can be compared to Korean Manhwa which is also widespread on the web and mostly known as webtoons.

Manga artists use a combination of pencils, inks, and sometimes digital coloring to create their work. They also based a wide range of tools to assist in the creative process, including plastic binders, rulers, compasses, paper cutters, and more.

From the Ground Up: Manga Books from Japan to Disneyworld

Manga books are created almost entirely from pictures, with words serving more as narration or dialogue tags than as essential components of the art itself. At its core, then, Manga books are visual storytelling.

This might explain why the Manga subjects and scenes can be interpreted and appreciated by people of all ages and educational backgrounds.

Manga books’ reliance on visuals rather than words to tell their story also means that they can be read and understood by people of all linguistic backgrounds. This is in stark contrast to American comics, which are typically read by people fluent in English.

What Sets Manga Books Apart from American Comics?

Beyond its origins in Japan, Manga books are distinct from American comics in a few key ways.

First, while American comics often feature superheroes or knights, the main characters in a Manga book’s story might be ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations. This can range from slice-of-life stories about regular high school students to stories about aliens visiting the human world.

Second, the panel structure and style in American comics are generally more explicitly realistic than in Manga books. In American comics, panels are almost always two-dimensional, while in Manga books panels are almost always three-dimensional.

And third, while American comics are produced primarily for profit, Manga books are primarily created as an art form.

Despite these differences, however, many American comic books are now being translated and published in Japan, and Japanese comic books are being translated and published in the West. This bodes well for the future of this hybrid form of storytelling.

Top 3 Most Popular Genres of Manga books

When asked to identify the most common genres of Manga books readers encounter, respondents most frequently cited slice-of-life (69%), romantic (63%), and sports (63%) Manga books.

Other popular genres of Manga books include family (50%), fantasy (43%), action (38%), and science fiction (28%).

 But, you should try all the genres of manga to find out what’s your taste.

Best Manga Books of All Time

There are many truly remarkable Manga books out there, but to keep things simple, we’ve compiled a list of the top three most popular genres of Manga books readers most often cite as their favorites.

  • “Hana yori Hanayome” by Ikeda Riyoko

“Hana Yori Hanayome” (Flowers at the House of Hana) is the story of two women who fall in love with the same man. What follows is a competition to determine who will win the man’s love, while also dealing with issues of class and social standing.

  • “Golgo 13” by Takada Kyuuzo

“Golgo 13” follows the adventures of a pro assassin who is highly intelligent and always one step ahead of the law. The series is notable for its dark humor, memorable characters, and detailed action sequences.

  • “Monster” by Naoki Tsujimoto

“Monster,” also known in English as “Monster Musume,” is a romantic comedy about a human girl raised by vampires. Despite its genre-bending premise, the story is primarily about love and relationships, and the characters struggle to balance the two.

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Bottom Line

Manga books are a rich source of creative inspiration that can provide a wide range of stories and genres. It’s also a great way to spend a few hours if you’re looking for something to read.

Whether you’re new to the genre or a die-hard Mangaowl books fan, we hope this article has given you an idea of what this unique form of art is all about. And if you’re tired of American comic books and want to try something new, you can always try your hand at some Japanese Manga books!

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