Why Should You Go for Fair Trade Cashews?

February 8, 2022

One of the most desirable nuts is and has been cashews. They are nutrient-dense, vitamin-dense culinary nuts – health freak’s favorite.

It is not just because of their high nutritional worth, but their sweet, creamy taste grabs everyone’s attention. Comparing to other nuts like almonds, Brazil nuts, and even the renowned peanut, cashews adaptability positions them at the center of attention. When it comes to cashews, the possibilities are endless. As a result, they get distinguished from all other nuts. For starters, you can use them as a seasoning, add them to a sauce, or mix them into nut milk, butter, or perhaps even cream. Later on, we will discuss how to use cashews. You must first understand how you get this exceptional nut, its benefits, and why they are essential for all.

How Do Cashews Get Harvested?

Harvesting cashews, processing them, and packaging them is a time-consuming process. It takes tons of effort and techniques to get this kidney-bean-shaped nut to the consumer. Harvesting is perhaps the most critical feature of this procedure, even though processing follows later. 

  • The fruit and nut are the first steps in the cashew cultivation process. An apple is attached to the cashew nut, which gets thrown away or utilized as cattle feed. The cashew tree bears this fruit 3 to 5 years after planting, and it develops 90-100 days after blooming. The fruits drop to the ground, and farmers use them to feed the livestock and to nourish the soil, as previously stated. Various employees prefer to let the fruit fall to the ground rather than harvesting it directly from the tree in many nations. The fruit is ripe, and the nut is ready to get harvested when it falls.
  • Detaching the nut from the apple is the next step. The focus is on ‘neatly,’ as the quality of the cashew nut may be harmed. The removal is usually done with a razor blade, a very sharp knife, or a nylon thread to ensure precision.
  • To air-dry the nuts, the workers utilize drying mats, tarps, or concrete floors. It takes 3 to 4 days of repeated rotating to ensure that each nut is evenly dried. They make sure they do not do it inside any rooms because it will degrade the cashew’s freshness and taste.
  • The nuts that are correctly dried make a rattling sound. The immature and diseased nuts are then subsequently discarded by the employees. The mature nuts are kept in jute sacks to allow for easy air circulation.

Why Should You Go for Fair Trade Cashews?

It is not the end of it all. Not only is harvesting time-consuming but so is processing. In Brazil, using mechanical processors is the norm. Nevertheless, to process this nut, workers in impoverished countries work long hours for low pay. It truly is never a wise decision to scrimp on a product’s quality. After such a lengthy harvesting process, the value of cashews sure stays intact. As a result, it is critical that the harvesting gets done correctly and in the best way possible. All of this, however, comes at a high cost for these people. 

Here is where Fair Trade enters the picture. Laborers that are involved in the harvesting process are forced to work under utterly harsh conditions. These labor circumstances may hurt them, their communities, their economies, and the Earth as a whole.

Consider going for fair trade cashews to practice ethically and ensure that the cashews are collected, processed, and sold following the most inclusive humane standards. People in developing nations are paid a fair wage to source and process cashews as part of Fair Trade. The strategy aids in alleviating poverty and the necessities of those who are unable to support themselves and their families. Only 3% of the world’s cashews fall into this category – fair trade. 

Fair Trade eliminates the intermediary, resulting in a win-win situation for the producers. Because of how beneficial it has proven to be, fairtrade cashews are the best option. Local agronomists can assist producers in improving their organic agricultural techniques. 

Fairtrade will support agroforestry to provide environmental protection and improved product quality. When you buy cashews in the future, make sure they are not just any cashews. When buying fair trade cashews, you will know that you are helping a family who is in severe need of essentials. With cashews from fair trade, you can trust a production process that adheres to sturdy economic, social, and environmental criteria. All of this can help you feel a little better when your friends and family consume said cashews. 

How Can These Cashews Be Devoured?

Cashews have a nutty flavor, a rich texture, and a mouthfeel that is similar to peanuts. Cashews have a lower fat content than most other nuts, despite their high nutritional value. One of the most enticing aspects of cashews is the variety of ways they can be prepared and consumed. In a culinary setting, such a flexible cooking item opens up so many possibilities. Their naturally creamy texture makes dairy-free cream, ice cream, milk, and cheese a breeze to make. Cashews are versatile in the kitchen and get used in both savory and sweet dishes. You can use the following ideas to integrate cashews into your food:

  • You may opt for blending cashews with milk to make it creamier. Make yourself a smoothie and add cashew ice cream for a pop of taste to make it even more chef-like.
  • Salted or roasted cashews make delectable nut butter. Several people prefer to use it in place of peanut butter because roasted cashews are lower in fat than other nuts. The fat they do have is frequently unsaturated fatty acids, with roughly 75% of it being unsaturated. As a result, nut butter made from roasted cashews is a nutritious supplement to your diet.
  • Honey roasted cashews are not only a great addition to any party spread, but they are also a healthy snack. These types of cashews healthful particularly, when compared to other frequent party snacks! Honey roasted cashews are high in protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. Many individuals would love nothing more than to pick up a handful of honey-glazed cashews from a bowl and savor their sweet-salty, buttery flavor. They are both addictive and nutritious. 
  • In the case that you are a healthy eater, you may opt for cashews in salads. You may add more flavor and variety to your salad by using roasted and salted cashews. Many even substitute cashews for olive oil in this recipe. They contain oleic acid, the same lipid that gives olive oil its physical and mental health benefits.
  • For your football games and lengthy excursions with the family, you may make a trail mix. All of this is so you can eat a nutritious snack.

Final Thoughts

When you know how to use cashews in such creative ways, they will never go out of style. It is a delicious snack, a nutritious appetizer, a powerful nerve relaxant, and an energizer. Keeping a handful of cashews in your pocket and chewing on them throughout the day can keep you connected to your healthy origins while also providing a boost of energy. So go out and buy some cashews and get a jump start on living a more active and healthier lifestyle! 

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