Why Do Poker Players Wear Sunglasses

February 21, 2023

If you decide to enter any casino or check out online poker, you will definitely discover at least a few people wearing sunglasses at each table. As an active gambler, you also need to familiarize yourself with other topics, such as the best ukash casinos. In this article, we present a fascinating study of the sunglasses trend and summarize the results.

Wearing Sunglasses to Conceal Physical Features

Firstly, there are some extremely famous poker stories related to the eyes. Indeed, a couple of them mentioned by Mike Caro in his book about poker are related to the eyes. Where a player looks or doesn’t look when playing a poker hand can reveal so much about a player. 

It is widely accepted that the eyes express almost every emotion a human being can experience. Fortune, pleasure, sadness, and worry are all feelings that can be detected through the eyes. This is exactly the kind of information you don’t want your adversaries to know.

Wearing Sunglasses to Cover Up the Idea That You are Gathering Information

If you want to receive clues from your rivals, you will have to look at them for a long time. Some people may not be delighted about doing this.

But then, we all know that staring is impolite. The smartest thing to do is to wear sunglasses and then just move your eyes up and down. No one will ever realize that you are gawking at them.

Using Shadows for Convenience and Assurance

Because of the poker explosion that began in 2003, there are many gamblers who are either just starting out or don’t know what live poker is. As much of the growth in poker’s appeal has happened online, there are many players who are not used to being surrounded by other people.

At this point, sunglasses serve as a kind of safety blanket for self-conscious or uncertain gamblers. Some players are simply embarrassed to stare at other people, which is sometimes essential while playing a poker hand.

By Wearing Sunglasses, You Set Yourself Up for a Particular Mood

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Over the Top” with Sylvester Stallone, you probably recall that he used to wear his baseball cap backward before a major arm wrestling match. He did this to change his focus and get ready for the match.

Some poker players do the same and only take off their sunglasses during the hand. It’s a nice method to turn on your “killer instinct” at the table at the appropriate moment and still remain personable when you’re not participating in the hand.

Wearing Sunglasses for Appearance or Trendy Purposes

It is without question that a high percentage of poker players who wear sunglasses wear them for unsustainable purposes, regardless of what they state. We accept the fact that creating an image or being somewhat scary is part of the game.

Sunglasses have always been worn as a form of style or to appear trendy. This is clearly relevant to young people who are more worried about their appearance than their older colleagues. The upcoming time you’re in a poker hall, don’t be shocked to discover that all the men under 30 at your table are wearing either a hat, sunglasses, earbuds, or all of them.

Are Sunglasses a Good Way to Cheat?

Some poker players are concerned that sunglasses can be exploited for dishonest reasons. One such method is labeling cards and subsequently employing UV sunglasses to cheat. Indeed, there is a deck of labeled cards that is available for sale with suitable cheating glasses.

Challengers of Sunglasses and Attempts to Prohibit This Practice

There are some poker experts who oppose the wearing of sunglasses while playing poker. One of the largest detractors is Daniel Negreanu, who believes that the sanctity of the game is at stake. He considers that even the slightest possibility that somebody might cheat is sufficient cause to outlaw them in poker.

The question of whether sunglasses break the integrity of the game or whether the possibility of cheating is sufficient grounds for a prohibition is still open.


Therefore, being aware of the factors why some poker players wear sunglasses, you can certainly use this knowledge to your benefit when playing poker. Is there anything else you think about people wearing sunglasses? Are there any other causes why individuals may wear them? We hope you found this article interesting and useful.

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