Seeking for a Platform to Write, Well We Have Space for You!

October 8, 2020

If you hold mastery in different genres, no matter whether you’re an experienced writer or not, we got you covered. To become a writer for our website, all you need to have is the ability to present your content in a unique and eccentric way that holds the power to make an impact on our reader’s mind.

What We Publish? 

Our efficient team of employees puts all their hard work and creativity level in making ‘All Needy Website’ a complete information-hub, from where all our needy users can get their desired piece of content on various topics of these following categories:

News Beat
Social Media
Software & Applications
Dating & Relationship
Science & Technology

Before You Begin!

We expect the same level of commitment and dedication from you as well if you join us in fulfilling our long-term commitment for offering the best and up to date information to all our ‘information-needy’ readers. 

So, if you’re keen to share your expertise, your now-how, and the plethora of knowledge that you have to serve our readers that are scattered all across the globe, we’d love to hear from you. 

Also, to bring into your knowledge, we want to tell you that you’ve all the freedom to write articles in your own way of writing style as we certainly have no definite criteria on how an article should be written. We want our readers won’t get bored while reading articles of similar formats. 

Still, before you begin this journey with us, we insist you go through the articles that were already published on our website to avoid repetition, that’s all!

Have a Note of Our Submission Rules!

  • We only support original content, so submit 100% original content and avoid any sort of plagiarism. In the same context, if you’re including images in your article then, make sure they’re original and in the ‘895 & 537’ dimensions.
  • The submitted article must not be below the minimum word-length i.e., 1000 words.
  • There’s no limit to the maximum word-length of the article.
  • You have to surely include the hyperlink of all the credible as well as official sources in those articles that contain any data or statistics.
  • We have a ‘No Promotion’ policy thus, we do not entertain any type of brand promotion in your submitted articles, so avoid writing such a piece of content. However, we surely allow you to add links to your website in your bio but, that too in not more than 2-3 sentences.
  • Be aware 
  • Last but not least, make sure you add a summary of your written article in around 250 characters to represent the main idea of your respective article.

Read our Publication Procedures!

  • We thoroughly check your submitted article to assure ourselves that it must adhere to all our submission rules/guidelines.
  • Our dedicated team of writers will ensure that the content that you’ve written is unique and valuable enough for our website readers.
  • We have all the right to make a final decision on whether your submitted article is a potential fit for our website and will add any value to it after being posted.
  • In the same context, we also have the right to make any changes to your submitted article, if required.
  • Once published on our website, we are the ones who hold the sole right to the article and you cannot post the same article on other websites.

That’s all! We are surely looking forward to your response at “” and we definitely get back to you within 2 or 3 business days! 

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