xFi Gateway is Your Ultimate Internet Security Plan

Well, as we know Xfinity is one of the USA’s best internet service providers. Xfinity is a super family-friendly service that comes with all kinds of advanced technology and equipment. Besides, Xfinity comes with several deals and packages where you can choose the required internet speed and rent out the xFi gateway. 

There are also bundle packages by Xfinity, which you can choose, based on your speed requirement and the size of your family. One thing that makes Xfinity the best is the convenience it provides in terms of internet packages and speeds. 

What is the xFi Gateway?

The xFi Gateway is an advanced router plus modem, which you can rent out with any of your Xfinity internet deals. The xFi gateway is easy to set up with your smart home, cellular devices, laptops, TVs, as well as gaming consoles to get a better internet connection and speed.

The xFi gateway has multiple features. It provides maximum coverage even if it is a big house, sends signals even in the dead zones of the house, increases the speed and signal strength, provides network security and privacy, and more. It is best if you have smart home devices because the xFi gateway runs your entire network in integration. So, it is ideal for homes that require a better internet solution as well as internet security

What is xFi Advanced Security?

As we discussed, the xFi gateway is an advanced router plus modem, it comes with an Advanced Security dashboard that keeps your network private and secure. Advanced Security is super-easy to enable, it sends you alerts about any suspicious activity detected on your network, and also tells you the intensity of the issue. Advanced Security keeps your network private and adds an extra layer of security by personalizing it. 

Blocks Suspicious Websites

One of the xFi Advanced Security features is that it blocks suspicious third-party websites for you and keeps Safe Search on. Well, using the internet these days, we access third-party websites every once in a while and so do our children. When using an internet service such as Xfinity, one thing that is for sure is that it already blocks websites that are not to be accessed and might be harmful to our network. 

Having kids, it gets difficult for parents to keep track of their activity and block malicious websites, so the xFi advanced security does that for you. 

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Saves Your Devices from Viruses

Besides blocking suspicious websites, the xFi Advanced Security blocks out viruses and alarms you of any viruses that might be entering your device. Viruses these days are very common and can affect your devices and identity in multiple ways. In this case, the xFi gateway makes sure to alert you of any virus or intrusion that might be happening on your device. 

Keeps Your Network Private

Having a private network is important in many aspects. If you have kids, smart home devices, or even if you work from home, it is super important to keep your network private. Another thing that is best about Xfinity is that it keeps your network private. When you have smart home devices or even your normal devices, the best way for someone to hack into your phone or device is by hacking your WiFi network. 

So, it is super important to have a private network that is not visible to strangers. In this case, the xFi gateway provides you an in-home WiFi that is not even visible to your guests or anyone passing by. 

Provides Guest Hotspots for Visitors

Well, you must be thinking that a hidden network from guests might be a problem, but with the xFi gateway, even that problem is solved. The xFi gateway comes with guest WiFi hotspots for you to have your visitors connect. This way, you can help your guests connect to the WiFi without exposing your network to a stranger’s device. 

Provides Personalized Security

What takes your xFi Advanced Security to the next level is the fact that it provides you with a personalized security system. The system adapts to your network to have a better understanding of your internet use, and all your devices. When it adapts to your network, it observes all activities and the moment something unusual occurs, the Advanced Security notifies you. Also, when the issue is more serious it alarms you to take immediate action.

Helps You Monitor Your Children’s Activities

Well, as we discussed, the xFi gateway is best for you if you have children at home. It helps you monitor your children’s activities and keep an eye on the content they view. Besides, you can apply parental controls on all the devices your children use. It also blocks all age-restricted content for your children. 

So, if you have children at home, the xFi Advanced security keeps a good check on their devices, and activities and saves them from crimes like becoming victims of data and identity theft.  

Security on the Go

One more thing that you need to know about Xfinity’s security is that they provide you with millions of on-the-go Xfinity internet hotspots that are free for you to use. So, when you are out, you can easily connect to any of Xfinity’s safe WiFi hotspots and use the internet without having to worry about security. These hotspots can be accessed from your Xfinity hotspots app. 

Final Thoughts

Well, when it comes to advanced security that is super-personalized and solves all your internet security problems, xFi Advanced Security is one name that comes to our mind. If you have a smart home, you work from home, and have kids on your network, xFi Advanced Security is your ultimate solution.

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