What Are the Signs You Need Probiotics?

February 8, 2022

Probiotics can be described as good bacteria and/or yeasts that naturally dwell in your body. In most cases, bacteria are only seen negatively as the cause of infections and diseases. 

But it is important to note that there are two types of bacteria found in your body – good and bad bacteria.

Probiotics comprise good bacteria that are responsible for keeping your body healthy and functioning normally. Good bacteria help sustain health in your body in different ways, such as combating excessive bad bacteria in your body system.

What are the Benefits of Probiotics?

The most common area is linked to the benefit of probiotics in the gut. Many areas in your body contain good microbes. This includes your mouth, gut, vagina, skin, lungs, and urinary tract.

The primary purpose of good bacteria is to maintain a healthy balance of mind and body. In other words, it keeps balanced. If you fall sick, bad bacteria get into the body and increase their number – something that puts your body off balance.

Other benefits of good bacteria include:

  •  Helping digestion in your body
  •  Generate vitamins
  •  Control the level of bad bacteria in the body
  •  Breaking down and absorbing medications
  •  Help in supporting cells lining your gut

What are the Signs That You Need Probiotics?

Sometimes it isn’t easy to know whether you need probiotics or not. Many people keep wondering at what point they should take in probiotics.

Here are four signs to tell you:

1. Digestive Issues

Approximately 90 percent of bacteria in your body is concentrated in the colon. This means that they play a role in the activities of your colon. Half of your poop comprises of bad and good bacteria.

 When there are plenty of high-quality probiotics, they can help regulate your bowel moments and reduce awkward symptoms like bloating and gas.

2. Your Metabolism is Low

Research conducted at the University of Washington – School of Medicine examined the gut bacteria of 154 individuals and discovered something interesting. They realized that people who had the lowest variety of bacteria had higher chances of being obese.

 Restoring diversity in your gut is not rocket science. It is a simple procedure that involves reseeding your gut with high-quality probiotics and consuming different plant-based fiber types.

3. You are Bloated

Bloating is a clear sign that the gut bacteria in your intestine are not balanced. It means that the bad bacteria have outnumbered the good bacteria. Even a single course of antibiotics can destroy good bacteria in the gut and bring about that imbalance.

4. Recurrent Infections

If you are experiencing frequent infections, it is also an indication that you are a candidate for probiotics. If there is no proper balance between good and bad bacteria in the body, it offers a perfect ground for yeast to flourish.

Bottom Line

Your health should always be a priority. Understanding the importance of probiotics for women is one way of improving your health. Learn how to read the signs when there is an imbalance of bacteria in your body.

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