Best 15 Alternatives to KissCartoon For Unlimited Anime and Cartoons

January 19, 2023

Cartoons synonymize childhood. Keeping children away from cartoons is not possible, even the child in the heart of adults also gets excited when the favorite cartoon appears on their screen. Anime is an early form of cartoons and it rules the hearts of zillions of kids and adults. If you are an anime fan, you must have heard of Kiss Cartoon– a website that streams HD anime for free. You can enable the location feature and watch your interest-based programs. From KissCartoon’s Rick and Morty season 4 to other animes – everything is available without any cost. Not only the famous content but all the underrated anime can be also found on this website therefore it is a dream site for those who have a craze for anime. 

The range of anime cartoons that you will find on Kisscartoon is nowhere else to be found and hence it is much more popular than other websites offering anime content. There are very few other platforms that can give a tough competition to this (we will talk about them later on.

What Exactly is Kissmovies? For Those Who Don’t Know 

We all are familiar with the term Torrent, which means a platform where one can get downloadable files for online content for free. And, this is what explains KissCartoon. It is a Torrent website that offers anime and cartoon shows which are hard to find anywhere else. You get all the stuff you might want such as comedy, drama, thriller, suspense, romantic, etc.

Apart from the large variety of cartoons available, there are multiple options for quality available. You can download the movie in HD quality and stream it offline on your device. The best thing about the site is, that you don’t need to pay even a single dime to get all this. The content is available for free to all users. But, despite all these advantages, there might occur some pop-up ads time and again which you need to deal with as they sometimes contain malicious links.

What Makes Kissmovies Stand Out?

Finding anime and cartoons that are latest or platform-exclusive is an arduous task but with Kisscartoon, you get it all right on your screen without any hassle. Apart from this, there are various other factors that make KissCartoon the heaven for anime lovers, such as: 

  1. It is free and unlimited. 
  2. The picture quality options are Vast. 
  3. HD videos are available.
  4. It is time-saving.
  5. The choices are limitless. 
  6. The storage space is relatively giant.

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How to Spot Duplicates of Kiss Cartoons?

With the increasing popularity of KissCartoon, many sites started cloning it and it became very difficult for people to spot the original KissCartoon website. The real KissCartoon site was the real giant but many other fake sites are taking advantage of the popularity of the domain and providing sites with the same or very similar name so that they can attract views. But the person who has used the real Kisscartoon site can tell the difference between the real one and the clone sites. However, the beginners feel it very difficult to spot the copy or fake sites.

The fake sites are doing no good, instead caused by supplying viruses and whatnot. Kisscartoon was only one real site, but it is no longer available to users, therefore we have come up with the best alternatives to Kisscartoon which you will find in the last section of the article.

Where to Watch Cartoons For Free?

There are multiple cartoon sites that offer paid to the stream of cartoons and anime. Also, all those sites have copyrights and hence the chance of being duplicated. But like we all like to keep content secure and want the right price for our content, the same goes for the cartoon streaming sites, and hence finding the content of a paid website for free is quite difficult. You need to churn the web thoroughly to find the sites that offer content for free. Kiss Cartoons understood this dilemma and tried to offer content for free. It is a holy grail as no other site has the content as wide as Kiss Cartoons. You can spend all your year watching new stuff every day and there will be still more to watch.

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KissCartoon’s Rick and Morty

We KissCartoon’s Rocky and Morty is an adult animated science fiction sitcom that is full of misadventures. This story is the most famous animated sitcom that is exclusively available on Kisscartoon. You can watch the trailer and Entire Rick and Morty Season 4  for free. Also, you can download it in high quality for offline watch.

Does KissCartoon Still Exist? What happened to Kisscartoon?

There is no such domain left that can claim to be KissCartoon as the real one is no more available. There is only one real and authentic website that can be called Kisscartoon. It only has the original content to serve that you want to find somewhere else. But with the fake websites that look like Kisscartoon, you won’t find the content that KissCartoon has to offer. 

Best Proxy and Mirror Sites: Exact Similar Sites to KissCartoon

No.Proxy/Mirror Sites of KisscartoonStatusSpeedSSL
1.Kisscartoon.nzOnlineVery FastOn
2.Kisscartoon.orgOnlineVery FastOn
3.Kisscartoons.coOnlineVery FastOff
4.Kiss-cartoon.infoOnlineVery FastOn
5.Kisscartoon.meOnlineVery FastOff
6.Kisscartoon.isOnlineVery FastOff
7.Kisscartoon.ruOnlineVery FastOff
8.Kisscartoon.soOnlineVery FastOff
9.Kisscartoon.suOnlineVery FastOff

Note: The information available on our website is solely for reference purposes. We do not take responsibility for the third-party links. One can proceed with any of the links at her/his own risk.

Is KissCartoon legal?

The Kisscartoon is not legal, if we talk about the domains that are available at present as the real site has been shut down.

The fake sites can be very confusing as there are very few changes that you might not notice and need a sharp eye for this. The one way to figure out the difference is that KissCartoon offers content in full HD but most of the fake sites don’t. 

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How and Where Can You Download from KissCartoon?

If you want to download your favorite movie or anime from the KissCartoon website, you just need to follow the steps given below:

  1. First, check the homepage and look for the best stuff there. You will feel that there is a lot to explore.
  2. Now, select one option and click on it and let it load for you. After loading the anime, you can easily watch it in between the platforms. 
  3. Make sure you check that you don’t click on any spam link while downloading.
  4. After checking the authenticity of the cartoon, you can easily download it. 
  5. To save the video on your device, you can use it as a video downloader software or website. Then copy the link and paste it on the downloader, just like you do with the YouTube videos when you want to download them.
  6. Choose the video quality and start the download. Make sure you have a fast internet connection if you want to download it fast.

KissCartoon is the ultimate platform to watch cartoons and anime online and it gained immense popularity because no millennial wants to spend money online to watch stuff, KissCartoon respected their choice and provided them a free platform. The interface of the site was very unique and catchy and this worked in favor of the website and helped him gain immense traffic.

Ad-blocker with KissCartoon- Did It Work?

KissCartooon was a monetized site. It was not gaining money from the visitors but from ad agencies who were running their ads. But these ads can be controlled with an ad-blocker if you add it to your browser while watching cartoons on Kisscartoon. 

nevertheless, the fake websites that tried to copy the original Kisscartoon made the ad-blockers ineffective. Though you could control the add-ons but not the malicious links, spyware, or malware that they can send to your device.

Where Can You Download Cartoons for free? Alternatives to KissCartoon

Though there is no real competitor to KissCartoon as it lives in the hearts of cartoon lovers, still we researched immensely to find the best KissCartoon alternatives. These websites can act as a proxy to Kisscartoon- they load really fast and give you the free content to watch. The list also includes paid options, just in case you need them.

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Important Note: All the sites we are providing are safe and legal to use. So, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the content you are watching or downloading.

Now, let’s have a look at the best KissCartoon alternatives of 2023

No.Alternatives of KissCartoonStatusSpeedSSL
1.Anime ToonOnlineVery FastOff
2.Crunchyroll.comOnlineVery FastOn
3.Kiss-anime.wsOnlineVery FastOn
4.Cartoonnetworkasia.comOnlineVery FastOn
5.CartooncrazyOnlineVery FastOn
6.9animeOnlineVery FastOn FastOn
8.Kimcartoon.liOnlineVery FastOff
9.Cartoonsons.comOnlineVery FastOn
10.WCOStreamOnlineVery FastOn
11.Boomerang.ComOnlineVery FastOn
12.CartoonCrazy.NetOnlineVery FastOn
13.FMoviesOnlineVery FastOn
14.YifyMoviesOnlineVery FastOn
15.DVDFabOnlineVery FastOn

1. Anime Toon

To get the most wonderful content Anime Toon is the best platform for the users. It has a huge collection of full HD quality anime toons that is a treat for toon lovers.

Anime Toon

2. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll has so much to offer, this online platform provides HD quality animated movies. You will love the collection of toon movies on this online forum. A simple and smooth interface helps you navigate your favorite toon movies on this site.

3. KissAnime


KissAnime is another popular anime platform, it has a huge range of movies in HD quality. Moreover, you don’t need to register to watch your favorite movies. Just visit, search, and play your toon movie.

4. Cartoon Network

 Cartoon Network

Who doesn’t know about the Cartoon Network, this wonderful platform takes the toon movies to a greater extent and gains huge popularity. It has a huge collection of anime episodes, you can watch them anytime from anywhere.

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5. CartoonCrazy


Cartoon crazy is a great platform to watch your favorite toon show for free. You can watch up to 25000 episodes for free. The cartoon collection of this platform is popular among toon lovers. Find your favorite cartoon series and recall your childhood.

6. 9Anime


This is another platform, you should consider if you are looking for best-animated movies and cartoons. This platform allows you to watch movies in HD quality for free without any registration or paying any fee. Moreover, the toon movies are available with the subtitles.

7. Disney Junior

Disney Junior

Disney Now has the best combination of toon series for both adults and children. You will easily find your toon shows. This platform has an attractive and simple to navigate interface that allows you to watch anime shows with ease.


If you want to download your favorite cartoon show, Kim cartoon is the platform for you. It offers a great collection of show and toon movies in HD quality. It is considered as the top-level platform to watch all kinds of toon movies, available for free and paid users.

9. Cartoons Ons

Cartoons Ons

Want to watch cartoons in high quality without registration and subscription, Cartoons Ons is the platform for you. This is one of the best alternatives to KissCartoon. You can enjoy and watch all your loved cartoon shows here.

10. WCOStream

WCstream homepage

WatchCartoonOnline is another site that works quite similar to the KissCartoon website. It includes dubbed and subbed anime series that cater to different tastes. This site serves the purpose perfectly. But, not only cartoons but it consists of much more. From kid’s cartoons to adult anime shows, every variety of cartoons is available. The quality of episodes is top-notch and thus you can enjoy the best of all-time shows under one roof. 

11. Boomerang.Com

Boomerang.Com is one very famous site that offers the same content, features, and quality as Kisscartoon does. It might have different skin, but it is the exact same mirror as Kisscartoon. However, you need to disable the ad-blocker and other software to stream the content on But, the ads on the website are distributed on every corner of the site and thus there are a few chances that you face the redirected pop-ups. 

12. CartoonCrazy.Net

homepage of depicts your craziness for anime and cartoons via its name. It is one fine alternative to Kisscartoon and consists of a vast variety of cartoons. With more than 3,000 cartoon series, the library of content is quite huge. WCOStream and CartoonCrazy.Net are very similar in nature and if you enjoy the former, you will like the latter too.

13. FMovies

 FMovies homepage

FMovies is the same as Kisscartoon, as it gives you what you look for. It consists of all the latest shows and movies, soon after their release. The site is not fully dedicated to anime, but it has the largest collection of it. Just navigate to the Genre>> select Animation. Now, from the results that appear on the screen, give a shot to some of the finest anime ever.

14. YifyMovies

Yifymovies homepage

Yify is the most celebrated platform when it comes to anime shows and motion pictures. The filters available on the website will help you find the content in an easy manner. From top ranking, trending movies, to multiple genres, you can watch and stream a plentiful amount of content without spending a penny. 

15.  DVDFab

DVDFab homepage

The next very reliable source of anime is DVDFab. It is famous throughout the globe among the community of anime lovers. You get free content without any limitation on quality and quantity. It might not provide the best experience with content streaming, but it offers supreme quality for downloading movies, shows, and more.

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