Unblock ExtraTorrent Using the ExtraTorrent Proxy and Mirror Sites!

In the torrent ecosystem, ‘ExtraTorrent’ is one of the popular and massive torrent websites that many torrent enthusiasts consider as the best platform for downloading the latest music, movies, shows, games, videos, software, and all other types of media content files. Well, the reasons for its popularity are many like it has advanced features and accessibility of the P2P file-sharing system; it has a huge collection of magnet links from a huge array of content categories, and it has an advanced search engine functionality that lets everyone search for almost any online file.

To be precise, ExtraTorrent is a platform that caters to the individual’s needs of viewing, downloading and sharing all kinds of digital content without asking for any cost from them.

However, unfortunately, ‘ExtraTorrent’ along with many other popular sites, were taken down permanently in 2017 due to copyright infringement. Thus, whenever you wish to access the site, you’ll see that the site is down or has no connection for the reason that some ISPs might let you’ve very limited or no access to the available content of blocked Extratorrent sites. 

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Countries Where ExtraTorrent Is Blocked?

The usage of the ExtraTorrent is not considered legal in the following listed countries:

United Kingdom Russian Federation United States of America
India ItalyFrance

Though, the ExtraTorrent is no more available for access but what if I tell you that there are various ways to unblock the blocked ExtraTorrent site? Yes, fortunately, despite being blocked, you can unblock ExtraTorrent sites and access the same. Considering the same, we’ve come out with this blog to help you all enlighten about the 5 possible ways of unblocking ExtraTorrent. So, let’s get started:

Five Possible Ways to Unblock ExtraTorrent

Way 1: Unblock ExtraTorrent Using ExtraTorrent Proxies and Mirror Sites

There’re a couple of Extra Torrent proxies and mirror sites available on the net that are considered most effective in unblocking the ExtraTorrent websites. So, let’s have a look at the list of top 20 ExtraTorrent proxies and Unblocked Sites:

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The List of 20 Best ExtraTorrent Proxy/Mirror and Unblock Sites

No.ExtraTorrent Proxy/Mirror Sites ListURLsStatusSpeed
1.ExtraTorrent Unblock 1Extratorrent.agWorkingVery Fast
2.ExtraTorrent Unblock 2Extratorrents.chWorkingVery Fast
3.ExtraTorrent Unblock 3Extratorrent.mrunblock.xyzWorkingVery Fast
4.ExtraTorrent Unblock 4Extratorrent.nocensor.icuWorkingVery Fast
5.ExtraTorrent Unblock 5Extratorrents.unblockall.orgWorkingVery Fast
6.ExtraTorrent Unblock 6Extratorrent.siWorkingVery Fast
7.ExtraTorrent Unblock 7Extratorrent.123unblock.pwWorkingVery Fast
8.ExtraTorrent Unblock 8Extratorrents-cc.comWorkingVery Fast
9.ExtraTorrent Unblock 9Eextratorrent.coolWorkingVery Fast
10.ExtraTorrent Unblock 10Xtra.unblocked.lolWorkingVery Fast
11.ExtraTorrent Proxy 1Freeanimesonline.comWorkingVery Fast
12.ExtraTorrent Proxy 2Sitenable.infoWorkingVery Fast
13.ExtraTorrent Proxy 3Siteget.netWorkingVery Fast
14.ExtraTorrent Proxy 4Sitenable.chWorkingVery Fast
15.ExtraTorrent Proxy 5Filesdownloader.comWorkingVery Fast
16.ExtraTorrent Proxy 6Suitable.coWorkingVery Fast
17.ExtraTorrent Proxy 7Suitable.pwWorkingVery Fast
18.ExtraTorrent Proxy 8Sitenable.asiaWorkingVery Fast
19.ExtraTorrent Proxy 9Freeproxy.ioWorkingVery Fast
20.ExtraTorrent Proxy 10Sitenable.topWorkingVery Fast

[Disclaimer: This blog is written with an aim to meet your entertainment and information needs. We strongly stand out against downloading Plagiarized or Copyright-protected media content from these listed ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites.]

ExtraTorrent Proxies and Mirror Sites are the clones of the original site that have been hosted in countries where it is not blocked yet. Their role is to act as an intermediary between your device and the original ExtraTorrent site. To be precise, when you use any of these proxy and mirror sites to access the original domain of ExtraTorrent site from the location where the same is blocked then, these sites camouflage your identity and hide your real IP address to let you access the blocked ExtraTorrent site easily. So, basically, here’s how you can use ExtraTorrent Proxy sites to unblock the same—

  • To begin, open your preferred web browser on your respective gadget.
  • Then, copy the URL of any of the above-given ExtraTorrent proxy/mirror sites and paste the same in the ‘URL address bar.’
  • After pasting the same, hit the ‘Enter’ button to direct yourself onto that particular ExtraTorrent proxy website’s homepage where you’ll get plenty of categories like TV Shows, Sports, Web Series, Music, Anime Series, E-Books, and Technology.
  • Now on the homepage of the ExtraTorrent proxy site put the cursor in its ‘Search bar’ to search regarding your favorite content of which you want to download the torrent file into your device.
  • And, as you search related to your favorite content, many recommendations will appear in front of you from your search result. Out of all, you’ve to select the content that you most prefer to download.
  • In doing so, you’ll be directed onto the summary page of the same that includes IMDB ratings, users’ comments and different downloadable files, etc.
  • From the summary page, click on the most appropriate file and as soon as you click, you’ll get the ‘Download Magnet’ link of the content that you’ve picked.
  • Once you get the link, hit the same and this will further open a pop-up box that contains the following two options: “Open BitTorrent” & “Cancel.”
  • Out of the two, click on the ‘Open BitTorrent’ option and doing so will take you onto the ‘BitTorrent Site.’
  • On the site, click on the ‘Ok’ button to simply start the download process. Now, the content that you’ve picked from the ExtraTorrent sites will be saved onto your respective device.

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Way 2: Safely Unblock ExtraTorrent Using VPN Software

Though the above-given list of ExtraTorrent proxies will easily fetch the homepage of original ExtraTorrent through the cloning process (which is similar to creating a copy of the original) but, these sites are deprived of full security and often traceable.

So, here comes VPN or Virtual Private Network as a savior. VPN is considered as the safest technology that you can utilize for torrenting especially in case of ban websites. Basically, it’s a technology that used to add “Privacy and Security” over the Internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. With a use of VPN, you can keep your online activities private as VPNs encrypt your IP addresses. And, at the same time, you can also spoof your location and use another country’s VPN server where the Extratorrent website was not banned.

Thus, consider using VPN to safely unblock the Extratorrent website via these steps—

  • To unblock the Extratorrent website using a VPN, start the process by downloading one of the best VPNs from the following below-mentioned list. These listed VPNs are considered as the top-best choice for giving you complete anonymity protection.
RankVPN NameRatings out of 5
4Cyber Ghost VPN4.2
  • Once the process of downloading any of the above-mentioned VPN onto your respective device finishes, move onto install the same with the help of on-screen instructions.
  • Then, launch the installed VPN to do sign-up on the same.
  • After you finish signing up, enable it’s ‘Kill or Network Lock’ switch. Doing so, will allow you to connect with a VPN server of a P2P friendly country (like Switzerland and Netherlands) as you click on the ‘Connect’ button.
  • Now, wait till the connection gets established and once it’s done, you can use the ExtraTorrent proxy mirror sites to access all your favorite media torrent files available on the ExtraTorrent website, that too without any inconvenience and worries.

Way 3: Unblock ExtraTorrent Using a TOR Browser

Another secure way to unblock ExtraTorrent is through TOR browser. Its program is quite different from the other standard web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.  Well, because similar to the above-mentioned proxy mirror sites and VPN software that helps to hide the real IP address, TOR browser also hides your real IP address. But, what’s more unique about it is that it hides the same behind 3 or 4 multiple Tor IP addresses and thus, making it difficult for the ISPs to track your online activity.  So, in order to bypass the blocking of ExtraTorrent using TOR Browser, consider downloading it via these steps—

  • Launch your regular used web browser on your respective device.
  • Next, paste this link “” in your browser’s URL address bar and hit the ‘Enter’ button to reach onto the ‘’ site.
  • Once you reach there, you’ve to locate the download link to click on the same for downloading the TOR browser into your respective device.
  • After the downloading process finishes, click on the downloaded TOR browser bundle file to run its installation process.
  • In continuation, follow the on-screen instructions to let the TOR browser installed properly onto your device.
  • Now, open the TOR browser and in its ‘Search Bar’ enter the ‘ExtraTorrent Site URL’ to simply let the same unblock ExtraTorrent site for your complete access as soon as you hit the ‘Enter’ button for proceeding.

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Way 4: Unblock Extratorrent Using Public DNS Servers

Other than the ISP blockade, sometimes you cannot access the ExtraTorrent site probably because your local ‘DNS’ is blocking it. So, considering the same, you can also try to bypass the restriction by changing your old DNS address with a public DNS address. And, here’s how you can do so—

  • On your PC, click on the ‘Start Button’ to expand the menu.
  • From the menu, click on the ‘Control Panel’ option.
  • Doing so will open the Control Panel window in front of you.
  • Inside the same, click on ‘Network and Internet’ option.
  • Then, click on the ‘Change Adapter Settings’ option from the left-pane menu.
  • After that, click on the network connection that you’re using to further do right-click on the same.
  • In doing so, a contextual menu will appear and from it, select the ‘Properties’ option.
  • Under your Network Connection’s properties, select the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).’
  • Once again, click right on the same to click on its ‘Properties’ option.
  • Inside the properties window, select the ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ option to enter one of the following public DNS Servers in front of ‘Preferred and Alternate’ DNS Servers for unblocking ExtraTorrent —
DNS Servers NamePreferred Alternate
Google DNS8.8.8.8
Open DNS208.67.222.222
DNS Advantage156.154.70.1
Norton DNS198.153.192.1
DNS resolvers205.210.42.205

Way 5: Unblock ExtraTorrent Using ‘Unblock Website’

Last in the list of possible ways to unblock ExtraTorrent, try using ‘’ website link. Well, this website will help you easily and securely access any network, no matter whether the same is blocked or not. And, it is so because website uses ‘TLS 1.2 Encryption Network.’ This is a strong network encryption protocol that completely makes your internet visiting session anonymous and protected. Thus, you can consider using this website to access the ExtraTorrent, if the same is blocked based on your country, location or region. That’s all! Hope you all now have got a clear understanding of how to unblock the original domain of ExtraTorrent website using all the five possible ways that we’ve mentioned-above in the blog.

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