Top Most 20 Best HDSector Proxy and unblocked Sites for 2023

Do you agree that we all need a daily dose of entertainment in our everyday life to meet boredom? If yes, and unlike others who visit theatres to watch their favorite movie or those who prefer buying real copies of popular movies, shows, games, music, documentaries and videos from the stores; if you love to download such media resources onto your respective devices for watching them offline at your comfort level then, you surely have used “Torrenting” at least once in your life. Torrenting is an act of downloading and uploading files through the BitTorrent network which is the world’s most popular torrent client that contains various popular torrent websites like the one we’re discussing here today i.e., “HD Sector.”

Overview of HD Sector Website

One of the most famous and widely popular torrent websites in the torrent ecosystem, HDSector is a platform to download high-quality torrents. whether movies, games, TV series, web series, and everything for free. On top of that, it is also popular for uploading all sorts of torrent files for free.

On this torrent spot, you can find a large variety of torrents for movies, shows, TV channels, music, applications, and much more. 

Talking about the interface, you can easily roll with the features due to a clean look and familiar feel. Navigation is quite easy due to the proper management of content. If you are looking for something special, it will just take a few moments to reach there. Moreover, you can easily add, download torrents with the help of magnetic links available for the site.

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What Happened With HDSector Website?

Despite that HDSector website used to lend a helping hand to

millions of torrent enthusiasts from all across the world in meeting all sorts of entertainment needs; the site was under the scrutiny of various law enforcement firms and content creators. Thus, with concern to the recent move of ISP providers to deal with the piracy content, it, unfortunately, went down in 2017.

Countries Where HDSector Site Is Blocked?

After the ban was imposed, this amazing torrent site is no longer

available for access and in fact, its usage is not considered legal in Europe, USA, India, Australia, UK and any many other countries. To know about them in detail, you can check about the working and not working status of HDSector website based on your country’s location by simply entering HDSector website’s URL in websites like ‘’

If the server status of the same shows that it is down then, it

means the site is blocked in your country as well.

How to Use a Blocked HDSector Website?

All the veteran HDSector website users and newer ones who want to access this site for meeting your daily dose of entertainment but, can’t access it as the same isn’t working in your area, then consider using proxies and mirror sites of it. The HDSector proxy and mirror sites bypass the imposed geographical restrictions to help in unblocking the original domain of the HDSector website.

Now, we will discuss the best proxy sites for HDSector.

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List of Top 20 HDSector Proxy and Unblocked Sites

We are here sharing you with some of the HDSector Proxy websites that are a true copy of the site. Apart from a different domain name, there is no such difference between the HDSector original site and the proxy sites, in the terms of designs, torrents, and updates.

The given proxy sites are accessible in the regions where HDSector is not banned and not considered illegal. In case you are not able to make use of HDSector, you can use these proxy sites to access the similar torrents that you find on HDSector. Even if HDSector is banned, you can try to use these proxies. 

Top 20 Hdsector Proxy and Unblocked websites list

No.Hdsector Proxy and Unblocked SitesStatusVPN
1.Hdsector Unblock 1Online
2.Hdsector Unblock 2Online
3.Hdsector Unblock 3Online
4.Hdsector Unblock 4OnlineUse VPN
5.Hdsector Unblock 5OnlineUse VPN
6.Hdsector Unblock 6OnlineUse VPN
7.Hdsector Unblock 7OnlineUse VPN
8.Hdsector Unblock 8OnlineUse VPN
9.Hdsector Unblock 9OnlineUse VPN
10.Hdsector Unblock 10OnlineUse VPN
11.Hdsector Proxy 1Online
12.Hdsector Proxy 2Online
13.Hdsector Proxy 3Online
14.Hdsector Proxy 4Online
15.Hdsector Proxy 5Online
16.Hdsector Proxy 6Online
17.Hdsector Proxy 7Online
18.Hdsector Proxy 8Online
19.Hdsector Proxy 9OnlineUse VPN
20.Hdsector Proxy 10OnlineUse VPN

Disclaimer: The Proxy sites given on the website are bound to follow geo-restrictions imposed by the government. Make sure you don’t follow the third-party links available on the websites. We take no responsibility for any given site and the third-party links available on those.

Is It Safe to Use HDSector Proxy Sites?

In spite of the fact that the use of proxy and mirror sites is considered the easiest method to unblock the HDSector site; these do not come with full security, and they can easily be traceable. Therefore, using HDSector Proxy Sites is never considered safe for usage.

How to Safely Use HDSector Proxy Sites?

Accessing proxy sites are never safe until and unless you use VPN security. Well, it is so because if you don’t use a VPN that hides your real IP address and encrypts your internet web browsers, it unfortunately means you’re exposing your IP address to hackers, ISPs and site operators, etc. So, in order to securely use the given HDSector proxy sites, protect yourself, your IP address as well as your internet browser with a VPN Software like ExpressVPN.

How to Unblock HDSector Proxy sites?

Nevertheless, the torrents site do not hold legal status in some countries and therefore considered illegal. Even some countries such as the United Kingdom, India, and Australia, etc. have banned torrent sites for security concerns. Sometimes users feel it difficult to open and access HDSector, in such cases you need to unblock the website for using the content. 

Let’s know a few of the functional methods to unblock the HDSector.  

1. R Browser

TOR browser is meant to unblock HDSectors by trespassing the Geo-Restrictions. The technical specifications of the browser make it compatible with every computing device. With the TOR browser, you can browse the web anonymously and keep your identity private. This way you can access HDSector without any limitation.

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2. Using VPN

Using a VPN is the next way to unblock HDSector. By using a VPN you can shield your identity and location over the web and access torrent sites that are restricted in your region. Nonetheless, the TOR browser is more preferred to use, but if you use VPN and TOR together, you can make the most out of it. Mac users should avoid using VPNs as they can drain down the speed of their internet. But on the whole, VPN is a decent option when it comes to unblocking the sites like HDSector.

What Are the Alternatives to HDSector?

IN case HDSector is banned in your country but you are in desperate need of torrents for any reason and proxies aren’t working either, you can try the below-given alternatives. 


Movie4U is the top alternative to HDSector. Both sites are very similar when it comes to content. But this site also has some availability issues as just like HDsector, it is banned in some countries.

2. The Kick-Ass Torrent

Kick-Ass torrent is a renowned site for torrenting. In 2020, it is the most used torrent website. With a database of more than 10 million torrents, this site is the champion of the torrent-world. But due to leaking the personal data, the site developers had to switch amid many domain names.


RARBG is another option that is quite a decent platform to access a different kind of torrents. You can freely download and upload torrents just like you do on HDSector.


Putlocker is another website that is known to provide torrents for watching movies that are banned in some countries. This is a very great alternative to the HDSector website.

5. 123MOVIES

123Movies is the best alternative to HDSector which is perfect to download torrents for the sake of entertainment. You can find a great collection of animated stuff on this particular site.

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