4 Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

By Ankit
February 9, 2022

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital marketing has had a real opportunity to establish itself as the sole method to promote a product or company with full service web design. With an audience of over half the world, it is easy to argue that digital marketing has the broadest reach among other mediums. Companies often use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as their primary method in pursuit of this. However, the scope of digital marketing does not end here. There are a plethora of alternatives available that are equally effective. It can be daunting to choose between the options due to the sheer number and the parallel objective of minimizing costs. Here are four methods of digital marketing that provide the best value for money:

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   1. Pay – Per – Click (PPC)

Search engine providers sometimes offer paid promotions to the advertiser, whereby the latter pays the former based on the clicks the advertised website gets for using their search engine. Search Engine Optimization does not always guarantee a website’s appearance on the top search results consistently (as algorithms are difficult to predict with zero chance of default). As a result, PPC is the next best alternative. Unsurprisingly, agencies that offer PPC services are more in demand now than ever. Prices vary depending on how high up the search results the client would like their advertised website to appear. If you wish to get an understanding of PPC advertising, you can learn advanced PPC advertising for free here!

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a boon for advertisers. Since its inception, social media has given companies the chance to raise awareness for their products and bag a whole generation of traffic. A recent study reveals that a staggering 38% of people who have purchased online products are influenced directly by social media. A similar figure is reported in the case of retail products too. Companies can cherry-pick and their target traffic using tools such as personalized advertising

   3. Affiliate Marketing

In simple terms, this is a method by which a company pays a third party (an affiliate) a commission (based on performance) for promoting its product(s). Most video-based platforms tend to have marketing tie-ups with multiple online businesses to generate ad revenue through affiliate marketing. YouTube and Instagram have been instrumental in giving countless online startups the exposure they need by advertising their services/products. Although a pricier strategy, in comparison, it is one of the most effective modes of promotion if adopted correctly.

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4. Online Public Relations

This is somewhat similar to traditional PR. It involves interacting with customers through blogs, online discourse content, and product reviews. It helps to hone one’s PR skills and assert one’s presence on the online front. More online coverage also helps boost rankings on the Google search engine – the benefits are endless. Engaging with journalists on Twitter, for example, helps to strengthen the relationship with the press and earn a positive reputation. Similarly, responding to both positive and negative reviews helps to humanize one’s brand. Writing regular blog posts and responding to readers helps to create a sense of familiarity with one’s brand too. 
There is no guarantee that these methods will help every business. Some may want to make a bigger splash in social media and opt for a social media marketing strategy, whereas others may choose to use PPC services. Companies should consider their end goal and choose accordingly.

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