Advantages of NCERT Books for CBSE Students for Board Exams

February 8, 2022

Tensely chewing on almonds and scribbling notes on a notepad are the telltale signs of the reality that exam season is upon us. While for adults, it proves nothing more than a regular breezy mid-March. Students feel that no amount of revision can make them feel fully prepared. More specifically, the CBSE students who are about to write their board exams are in dire need of a long-term remedy that thoroughly builds their confidence to ace the exam.

In a situation like that, equipping the students with NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) books is the best thing a teacher can do. Although CBSE students are distributed NCERT books throughout their schooling, their importance comes into play during the annuals or the final board exams. NCERT, along with the Department of Education in Science and Mathematics (DESM), curated exquisite questions that encourages students to dig deep into their problem-solving skills. Besides, NCERT books are of such an exemplary quality that CBSE rarely goes off the syllabus during exams.  

NCERT books are quite popular for their complex problems. However, these complex issues teach the CBSE students the basic techniques for solving these problems, teaching them to enhance their critical thinking skills and logical reasoning through incessant practice. 

In addition to the above-mentioned factors through which NCERT books positively influence CBSE students to achieve better scores in their board exams, here are some more points, listed below:

  1. It covers everything in the CBSE curriculum in an easy language: Undoubtedly, the CBSE curriculum is elaborate and sometimes consists of complex concepts. NCERT books are written by experts after thorough research in any area in a very simple language so that students find it easy to understand. NCERT books also pay close attention to the curriculum and strictly follow it.
  1. It covers all the fundamental concepts necessary for board exams: Unlike other books available for students in their tenth grade, NCERT books distributed to every CBSE student cover fundamental concepts in a very detailed way. These concepts are then written regardless of the different students’ different intelligence quotients. This is carefully executed because it is equally important to make the written material understandable for students of different IQs. These concepts are also significant for board exams, which means that CBSE students who have used NCERT books throughout their schooling will find their board exams relatively easy.
  1. Room for practice through practice problems: Finally, NCERT books contain numerous practice difficulties with which students can learn to rectify their errors and improve in the area. 

While most CBSE students already possess NCERT books, some assume that merely possessing them will not be enough to pass the board exams. Additional literature to skim through to prepare for the exam is not harmful. However, NCERT books are designed to assist any student in a way that fills them with plenty of practice and knowledge to ace the boards’ exam. 

Importance of NCERT Books for Class 12 Chemistry board students

Class 12 chemistry helps students to learn about chemical reactions, compounds, solutions, and many other things. Class 12 chemistry is important for the science students who want to score high marks in class 12 board exams as well as ace the competitive exams. Chemistry is an easy subject if students understand proper concepts given in the NCERT books for class 12 chemistry. Students must study all chapters from the NCERT books for class 12 chemistry to score high marks in the board exams and the competitive exams. NCERT books are the most significant study guide for the students of class 12 that can help students to understand all topics clearly. NCERT books are written in simple language by expert teachers. There are two books for class 12 chemistry, and the syllabus for class 12 chemistry is divided into three parts. Students have to focus on the three parts equally to score high marks in the board exams. Students must understand the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE for class 12 chemistry to start preparing for the final exams. The textbooks for class 12 chemistry include all the significant topics that are essential for the students to prepare for the board exams and the competitive exams.

If students read the theory given in the NCERT books for class 12 chemistry, they can easily answer 1 and 2 marks questions that are asked in the final exams. Students must practice all the questions given at the end of each chapter of class 12 chemistry NCERT books for a clear understanding of the topics. Students can also practice 5 marks questions that can help students to understand the concepts in detail. Students must practice the examples given in the chemistry books to solve numerical problems.

Students can use the NCERT books for class 12 chemistry to make short notes for a quick revision during the exams. They can write down the important points and formulas in their notebooks and keep them handy to revise before the final exams. They can download the NCERT solutions for class 12 chemistry from the internet and can refer to them to find answers to the questions given in the NCERT books for class 12 chemistry.

Class 12 chemistry books are divided into two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. In class 12 chemistry parts 1, there are nine chapters and in Part 2 there are seven chapters. Students can download all chapters from the internet in the PDF file to study for the board exams. NCERT Solutions for class 12 chemistry consist of all information related to the board exams that can help students to plan their preparation for the board exams.

Students must make a timetable to study for the exams. They must divide the chapters of class 12 chemistry in such a way that they can finish the entire syllabus of class 12 chemistry at least a month before the final exams so that they have sufficient time to revise for the final exams.

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