The Beginner’s Guide to Ecommerce Shipping and Fulfillment

January 23, 2023

Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind any eCommerce store worth its salt. This means uploading stellar quality images, updating your store often, and even sending those follow-up emails. If your customers are happy, they are bound to keep coming back. Shipping, however, is where you need to trust someone other than yourself.

Acquiring an efficient shipping strategy is an excellent way to reduce operational expenses while giving your customers the service they deserve. Are you unfamiliar with the details when it comes to shipping and fulfillment? We have put together an elaborate overview of everything you need to know to streamline your business operations. We will tackle everything from designing a shipping strategy, packaging, tracking, and insurance and how you can benefit from Transaction Heroes for Shopify order shipping. Take a look.

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A Shipping Strategy That Works for You

Going into shipping blindly can see you frustrating customers and incurring huge losses. While there are numerous ways to enhance your shipping experience, these primary steps can help you achieve a simple yet straightforward strategy. Take a look at this for more details: 7 Game-changing Ecommerce Marketing Strategies, published by Tada, this article will introduce you to some great marketing strategies for your business.

  • Shipping Rates and Techniques

Many customers abandon their shopping carts last minute due to high shipping rates. That is why we recommend offering your customers free shipping. This does not mean that you have to bear the shipping costs. You can raise product prices so that the customer pays for the shipping.  Moderately increasing product prices also allows you and the customer to pay for shipping partially. You can offer free shipping for a minimum order, encouraging customers to increase their order size at the same time.

  • Weight and Packaging

You want to give your customers accurate shipping costs for each item. The easiest way to do this is by measuring and updating each product’s weight. Generally, shipping rates depend on the size, weight, and destination address for each order. Are you looking to impress your customers and stand out from your competition? Packaging and presentation are the way to go. You can use padded boxes and envelopes to give your customers the perfect unboxing experience. Always strive to keep your packages small and light.

  • Tracking and Insurance

Security is essential, especially if you are selling highly valuable items. Numerous couriers offer affordable tracking and insurance, meaning that you have a way out if your package gets damaged or lost. Some shipping services include tracking and insurance costs in their prices so consider that when choosing a courier for your eCommerce store.

Fulfillment Warehouse

Do you want your shipping and fulfillment services to work like a well-oiled machine? A fulfillment warehouse that’s properly integrated with your shopping cart can quickly pick orders, pack them, and ship on your behalf. While you may need to part with additional pick and pack costs, here are some of the benefits of using a fulfillment warehouse:

  • You get to store your inventory closer to most of your customers. That means quicker shipping for a significant percentage of your orders.
  • Cheaper shipping costs owing to the numerous vendors served by fulfillment warehouses.
  • A wide range of shipping options, all thanks to 3PL and shopping logistics integration.

Shopify Order Shipping

Order shipping is no mean feat. You have to decide how much you will charge and find the most reliable way to get the package to your customer. Here are a few handy tips to help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to Shopify shipping:

  • While getting numerous orders is an exciting experience, getting them to your customers can be quite overwhelming. However, you don’t have to drive your packages to the courier anymore. You can book pickups for DHL Express or UPS directly in Shopify and schedule when you want your orders picked up.
  • Are you just starting out and looking for affordable shipping rates? You can compare prices from some of the renowned carriers and show the shipping rates at checkout. Your customers will certainly appreciate the savings.
  • Shopify has built-in label printing that can save you additional printing expenses, a visit to another website, or a trip to the post office.

Most eCommerce businesses struggle with shipping and fulfillment at some point. Do not beat yourself if things aren’t going exactly as planned. Factor in your current challenges and use them to create a shipping strategy that reflects your store’s needs. You can always update it and make the necessary changes as your business continues to grow. As long as your customers are happy, you are on the right path!

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