3 Key Benefits Of Passing Examsnap Microsoft AZ-304: Azure Architect Design Certification Exam

February 8, 2022

Microsoft Azure has become one of the most popular cloud computing platforms in recent times. In this regard, Microsoft offers a range of different exams for individuals to develop and validate their skills and knowledge of Azure. 

So, are you ready to establish yourself as a true Azure expert? Then don’t pass up the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. Two Microsoft exams are leading up to it, they are Microsoft Certification Exam. Still, this article is focused on the Microsoft AZ-304 exam. 

The Microsoft AZ-304 exam, what is it like?

Taking the Examsnap Microsoft AZ-304 exam is the second step on the way to earning the Microsoft expert-level certification. It is an advanced exam that requires candidates to have a good understanding of Azure and the ability to design, implement, and administer solutions on Azure. This final test will somehow be living proof of your expertise. To add more, exam AZ-304 provides numerous benefits to professionals. This article outlines the 3 key benefits of passing the exam.

Benefit 1: Gain Extensive Subject Knowledge

The primary benefit of passing the Microsoft AZ-304 exam is the ability for individuals to increase and sharpen their skills and knowledge. Yes, you’ll think it’s boring, but the domains tested on this exam are continuously updated and are always industry-relevant. The knowledge gained can be directly applied for designing effective solutions on Microsoft Azure. 

The exam qualifies an individual’s expertise in the administration of Azure and ability to design compute solutions, network solutions, migrations, and application architecture.

Benefit 2: Obtain An Industry-recognized Qualification

Microsoft is the world’s leading technology conglomerate offering a range of different products and services. This’s because qualifications from this official vendor are highly recognized around the digital world and have an outstanding reputation. 

If this is not an argument for you, then know that validation from Microsoft will propel an individual’s career and help him/her achieve their career goals. This is because Microsoft certification exams help professionals demonstrate their skills and willingness to continue learning in a rapidly evolving ExamLabs.com

Benefit 3: Accelerate Career Progression

One of the top advantages of passing the Microsoft AZ-304 exam is the potential career boost and opportunity for future development. So, professionals that have completed this exam stand a better chance of obtaining promotions and recognition in the company. It elevates the career trajectory and opens many new doors to positions such as solutions architect, enterprise architect, or IT director. 

And if you remember, then passing the AZ-304 exam is the first step towards gaining the prestigious Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert qualification, which is the highest level of the Microsoft certification track. This certificate is a direct reflection of your expertise, which will guarantee you an average salary of $119k per year, according to PayScale.com


So, to sum up, the AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design exam is quite challenging and requires a significant amount of effort to pass. However, the benefits of passing this evaluation are far greater and can lead to many exciting career opportunities. 

So if you think you deserve a promotion or a new high-paying job, then go ahead and climb the career ladder with the Microsoft certification!

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