Choose the Best Apartment to Live with Your Pet

November 18, 2022

There are several factors to consider when choosing a pet-friendly apartment. The age of the animal will have an impact on the type of amenities required. Older cats may have trouble with other residents, and younger animals have a greater need for space and exercise. In addition, keep in mind that different types of pets require different facilities. Here are some tips to help you choose the best place for your pet.

Basic Amenities

Pet-friendly apartments for rent should have some basic amenities for your pet. If you own a dog, for example, you should find an apartment that has a pet relief area. A pet waste station and trash can should be available on-site and emptied regularly. You should also look for an apartment that provides a green space for your dog, whether it’s a small patch of grass or a large field. Having these amenities can make life much easier for you and your pet.

Apart from providing essential services to tenants, pet amenities also include pet parks, dog walking, and pet sitting. Other important features include pet washes. If you have a pet and want to wash it without making the entire apartment muddy, an in-unit pet washroom is the best option. There is usually a sink or tub to wash your pet and the necessary grooming tools are available. A pet wash room also makes cleaning your pet a lot easier.

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Age of Pet

Some apartment complexes have a specific policy regarding the age of your pet. They want it to be at least one year old and not a puppy, which will not have the maturity to chew up your furniture and carpets. If you bring a puppy to an apartment, you run the risk of losing your deposit if the pet ruins the place. It is also harder to rent an apartment to someone who has a pet, as a puppy is not yet fully grown.


While it can be difficult to convince landlords to accept your pet, you can do it in the process of apartment searching. Make sure to mention your animal’s positive behavior in your rental history. If you can, gather several references, including your landlord. If your landlord insists on a no-pet rule, you should prepare a resume for your pet, including letters of recommendation from past landlords or obedience trainers. Set up a meeting with the landlord and your pet to show them that your animal is suitable for their space.

In addition, be aware that some apartments have breed restrictions. Always check with the property manager before moving in. You may be asked to pay a pet security deposit or rent for a certain number of months, so it is best to research your pet breed before making a decision. Some apartment buildings allow two pets up to 35 pounds full grown. Regardless of the size, make sure you understand what breed restrictions the building has.

If your apartment does not allow pets, you must ask the landlord why. Having a good understanding of the landlord’s reasoning can help you present your request in a more favorable light. Likewise, consider his/her point of view when signing a waiver if the landlord is unreasonable. If they don’t agree with you, try to find another apartment instead. There’s no harm in asking questions, but be sure to be respectful when you do so.

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