9 of the Best Brand Management Tools and Software for 2023

January 20, 2023

Before settling down on a particular brand management tool, businesses must identify their goals and long-term plans. This enables them to choose the best brand with the perfect combination of the most relevant functionalities to their business model. This article will identify some of the best brand management tools from various vendors, along with a brief description of their multiple functionalities to aid your selection. 

Local Brand Manager 

Google My Business plays an integral role in increasing the visibility and marketing of various businesses by optimizing their online presence and is more critical now than ever. Great experience and success with effectively boosting your business’s online presence will be dictated by how best you manage your google listings. One of the most effective ways to do that is by using GMB software from the Local Brand Manager. This local SEO software does a superb job managing all your google business profiles from one dashboard. The tool focuses on optimizing your brand at the local level by providing insights on the best way to increase visibility and revenue. Some of the vital functions the tool offers include;

  • Scheduling Google Business Posts
  • Managing and Responding to Reviews
  • Tracking Keyword Local Ranking and 3 Pack Visibility
  • Auditing and Optimizing Your Listings, and many more


Social spaces are increasingly becoming essential avenues various businesses use to build their online presence and long-lasting customer networks. Brand24 is a crucial tool that can help you effectively manage your social accounts by monitoring interactions and sending you prompts. You will be able to seamlessly engage with customers through comments and mentions and get to notice and act appropriately on negative reviews that may ruin the business’s reputation if left unchecked. 


Prisync offers e-commerce companies worldwide a great solution to managing their price-related issues. It focuses on dynamic pricing based on competitive price tracking and synchronizes the same across various channels. Prisync employs functionalities such as smart pricing, dynamic pricing, and a range of other advanced rules to set unit costs that ultimately seek to increase profit margins. You can have a free trial of this business tool to taste before buying. The good thing about this tool is that it integrates well with all e-commerce companies, large or small. 


Effective communication is a crucial pillar of any business venture, especially between its customers. Your products or services need to be described in ways the targeted audiences understand and relate well. There should also be an effective way to collect customer feedback to improve on services. Cision is a vital brand management tool focusing on all aspects of communication needs affecting your business. You also access a database with nearly 2 million influencers and other crucial contacts with Cision. 


Falcon.io is the most effective tool to manage all your social media content. It’s especially perfect for those businesses that rely heavily on social spaces for the optimal marketing of their products or services. The tool excels in evaluating content across sites related to the business targeting ads, engaging customers, and managing crucial customer data. The tool also features pre-designed templates that help in quickly creating landing pages. You can try out their free demo before buying for further evaluation. 

Extensis Portfolio

Your company’s digital assets can play a significant role in marketing if managed optimally. Extensis Portfolio is one tool you can use to effectively manage digital assets like essential files that make up the brand identity. It also provides a perfect way to manage fonts and maintain a smooth workflow. 


Attest is a great tool to track how your marketing process impacts the market and get vital insights on which areas to improve. The tool analyses various relevant data across a pool of millions of consumers to gauge your business’s position in relation to other competitors. 


As the name suggests, Reputology focuses on your business’s reputation in the online world. It’s a tool used to monitor and manage all your online reviews. Reviews play an integral role in attracting and maintaining customers for all businesses. You may find it daunting to track online reviews, primarily if your business is located in multiple locations. This is where the reputology tool comes in. It will also help your company gain essential insights from customers that can improve the product or service. 


Brandox is an excellent tool for businesses having problems with file management. It’s a perfect way to organize and make your files easily traceable. All your files are uploaded and stored safely in the cloud for convenient access regardless of your location. You can also manage your pictures and logo symbols effectively with this tool. 

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