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February 15, 2023

Meditation, if practiced regularly, can reduce stress levels and increase the ability to concentrate and control emotions. During the pandemic, online meditation has grown dramatically in popularity. A recorded instructor’s voice gives instructions like “Take three deep breaths” or “Concentrate on thinking about the person you are feeling grateful for.” This has made meditation app development a promising business area.

Projects for iPhone and Android offer meditations at different levels, for different durations, and for different purposes. Some projects have their own chips. You can usually try them for free. But to meditate regularly, the user will have to buy a subscription.

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Tranquility by Subscription: A Promising Business Trend

Audio content has become a serious competitor to video in the entertainment market in recent years. At the beginning of 2020, Deloitte singled out podcasts, and audiobooks in this area, but today another promising segment has taken shape — the meditation app. The players in this segment have managed to create universal platforms with paid subscriptions based on the Netflix model, and investors are eagerly investing in them, and the industry leader is already estimated at $2 billion.

The trend of interest in the wellness and mental health industry is not new. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the total value of this market exceeds $4 trillion, and mindfulness training and meditation practices have formed into a full-fledged mental health industry valued at $4 billion. In the U.S., for example, more than 14% of the adult population has tried meditation.

Now, this trend is being reflected in the online space, and meditation apps look like a promising candidates to gain a foothold in our lives. In the U.S. and Europe, online meditation has already become a familiar format, and today its popularity is growing in Asian countries as well. 

And now let’s take a look at the industry leaders and find out how you can make money with such projects.  Meditation app

Who’s Driving the Trend — Calm

Industry leader startup Calm was founded in 2012 and has already raised $218 million in investment over its history. The service, which in addition to simply offering soothing sounds and music, was among the best apps of the year from Apple. In 2019, the startup was valued at more than $1 billion, and it became the first “unicorn.” In the winter of 2020, the company closed another round of financing at a valuation of $2 billion.

One of the success factors of the meditation app is its original marketing approach and consistent positioning. For example, the startup sponsored a news program on CNN during the U.S. elections. The presidential election is one of the most disturbing events in U.S. political life, and with its participation, the company wanted to emphasize that its solution helps in the fight against stress.

You can put an image of a mountain range, a picturesque lake, or a burning fire on the main screen of the app. The pictures are complemented by nature sounds, so the program depicts relaxation and tranquility from the first seconds. 

The free version offers a 7-day trial period to get familiar with all the features, after which some music, tales, and lectures will be available for free. In the section with primary classes, there are several recordings from psychologists about health and self-development.

Stop, Breathe & Think

From the name of the meditation app, it is clear what its creators are calling for. In the free version, there are more than 30 types of meditations, including a timer with the function of breath control. Practices are divided to solve specific problems (reduce stress, improve concentration, normalize sleep) and complemented by clear descriptions. The app also gives recommendations based on an analysis of the user’s emotional state before and after meditation.


In the meditation app HeadSpace, you can specify the level of training and choose the purpose of meditation (concentration, relaxation, stress reduction, improved sleep). Free is available for 10 sessions, to open further courses you need to pay. Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe invented the meditation app and voiced the meditations presented in it.

Relax Meditation

The meditation app is aimed at those who are already practicing meditation and do not need theoretical accompaniment, preferring “pure” music without voice prompts. The program contains only music files, from the name of which it is clear which instrument or natural phenomenon dominates the composition: a gentle morning, a peaceful lake, a sunrise, a soft piano. A handy feature for those who lose track of time in meditation is a timer, at the end of which the gong sounds.

Mo: Meditation and Sleep

Mo is suitable for people with no meditation experience. The duration of the first sessions is only 4 minutes, but over time you can move to longer sessions for experienced users.

A special feature of this app is that a separate part of it is dedicated to sleep. Two sets of meditations help you learn how to manage it, and 17 Bedtime Stories help you fall asleep right now. Each of them is a tale, interesting in the beginning, but which becomes more and more boring by the end, which helps the user to fall asleep.

Smiling Mind

A distinctive feature of the app is that the meditations are categorized by age, starting at age 7. The creators of Smiling Mind are sure that their program allows people to live through everyday hardships more easily and have a calmer attitude to what is going on, which, in its turn, reduces pressure, calms the mind and the nervous system, and improves health. 

Meditations are presented in thematic categories: improving sleep, concentration, workplace meditation, and sports. Nice additions: the ability to conduct group meditations and the creation of joint accounts, which can be managed from different smartphones.

Insight Timer

A meditation app for those who want to find like-minded people and friends; who would like to become part of a community of meditation fans. There are over 10,000 meditations freely available in the program. On a map of the world in real-time you can see where to meditate using the application. Access to podcasts by psychologists and ten-day audio courses from gurus is available for an additional fee.

Conclusions. Potential Developmental Challenges

There are quite a lot of interesting projects on the market today. If you want to create a project in this direction, you will have to try to offer your user something new. Maybe you will offer a more interesting interface, invent your own unique features, and think of integration with external devices like smartwatches, etc. The main thing is to find a team of experienced developers and entrust the task of implementing the project to real professionals.

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