Top 10 Best Online Nursing Programs

February 8, 2022

Being a Registered Nurse requires the finest education. In the latest years, we have found several ambitious online programs to follow. During the coronavirus pandemic, all traditional nursing schools have switched to online degrees and classes. A  BSN Program in Pennsylvania remains the necessary step to pursue a nursing career in the State. However, online programs remain numerous. Here is the list with the ten finest among them:

1. Rutgers University-New Brunswick

It can accept high school students having excellent SAT scores and other graduates. Nurses with prior working experience could also apply for this educational program. It leads to postgraduate degrees and can give you pathways to an academic career. All students registered have to take at least 30 credits at Rutgers and spend a semester in New Brunswick hospital to perform their clinical studies and practice.

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2. Concordia University-St.Paul

It has been one of the first online degrees in Minnesota. The Concordia University Nursing School has been famous for having all its graduates employed and enjoying higher wages. You will need to take at least 32 credits in this school to graduate. The program offers online courses and is suitable for RNs who want to reeducate themselves or even undergraduate students with an associate’s degree in Nursing with more than a 2.75 GPA.

3. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

It’s an online nursing degree for BSN nurses already in the field. It runs for 12 months through the weekends. You must live in Wisconsin to be eligible for graduation since you will be required to have a relevant clinical practice in local hospitals.

4. The University of Maine at Fort Kent

This Online nursing school program is one of the most affordable offered in Maine. It includes 30 credits covering all the nursing scientific fields. All applicants should have a nursing degree or have their NCLEX-RN exam scheduled. They are also required to hold an associate’s degree with at least a 2.5 GPA.

5. The University of Texas at Arlington

It’s one of the hardest online nursing degrees offered in the country. You will need to attend the program for 15 months and take at least 52 credits to graduate. It leads you to the acquisition of RN certification and is the leader for more advanced nursing specialties. 

6. Rivier University

Rivier Nursing School offers online courses for the past ten years. Registered students should expect to graduate within two to four years from the date of initial enrollment. They have to fulfill 60 undergraduate credits and hold an undergraduate degree of at least 2.5 GPA. There is also a clinical practice session required.

7. Vermont Technical College

Vermont Technical College has initiated a nursing degree running completely online. Students need to have their bachelor’s degree in nursing and be Registered Nurses for several years before applying. They also need to take 225 hours of clinical practice to local Vermont hospitals before being eligible to graduate. It emphasizes health promotion, illness prevention, and community health more than any other online degree.

8. Davenport University

You will be required to take at least 60 credits to graduate from this online nursing course. It is tailor-made for Registered Nurses who want to pursue an academic career and look for a flexible nursing degree running online. If you have already passed your NCLEX-RN exam, you only need 31 credits to graduate. It is the only program in the country offering the medical case management course to prepare you for being a triage nurse in general hospitals.

9. Brenau University

Georgia has finally got its online nursing degree. Brenau offers an online educational program for nurses who work during the week and can attend classes on weekends. It has a maximum online class size of no more than 20 students. Clinical experience is also one of the highest program objectives. You are required to have some hours in community hospitals and other healthcare facilities before you apply for graduation. Admission criteria are less strict than in other online courses.

10. Messiah University

At Messiah University, you have the chance to follow the online nursing degree leading to an RN supremacy. All courses are during the weekend, as it’s the first program in Pennsylvania for working nurses. It has flexible start dates, online coursework with your peers, and many hours of clinical practice. Nursing graduates from other State colleges and schools are welcome. Many registered nurses who want to have a BSN-RN degree are welcome to attend the online program. Messiah University is also affordable and offers deferred payment plans for your ease.

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