What is the Best Online Tax Service 2023?

By Joseph
January 20, 2023

Online tax software services are designed to help both experienced and inexperienced individual taxpayers and businesses file returns. When selecting an online tax service, your focus should be on the following key factors: ease of use, cost and fees, customer support options, and free filing options. Ease of use is determined by the navigation experience, access to multiple support options, and the possibility of a test drive. The cost consideration narrows down to the type of tax forms offered, product add-ons, and state tax filing fees. 

Several free tax filing options also exist, such as the IRS Free File program. A good online tax service needs to be accompanied by broad customer support via live chat, phone, email service, and in-person tax expert. Proficient tax consultants at Tax Shark can help you file tax returns, avoid IRS audits, and get a maximum refund, more importantly.  The Roseville, IL-based tax agency will also help you with tax planning, tax relief, and payroll services. If you are ready to file online tax returns, here is your answer to the best online tax service for 2023?

Intuit Turbo Tax

Intuit Turbo Tax has been around for many years and is the most widely used tax software. The software scores highly on ease of use, upgraded tax support, Do-it-Yourself, and live support. The ease of use is enhanced with a tax wizard’s availability, which can help a first-time user complete the returns independently. Online strategies offered include Free,  Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed Plans. Under the Free Plan, you get free filing of unfussy state and federal tax returns. The package also allows import PDF return from other tax software, W-2 and child tax credit enablers, and access to 24/7 community support.

H&R Block

The H&R Block company was established in 1955 and has made tremendous growth over the years to become a respected tax preparation entity. The company’s online tax services include tax preparation, business consulting, and payroll preparation and management. Besides the online platform, H&R Block has a strong ground footing with over 12,000 offices worldwide. This gives users plenty of options should they decide to seek in-person support. The other incentives for choosing H&R Block include upgraded tax support options and Do-It-Yourself and live support plans. The plans offered are Free Plan, Deluxe Online Plan, Premier Online Plan, and Self-Employed Plan. The Free Plan allows W-2 import and self-help and technical support.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service is among the top 5 tax preparation services in the United States. The company was established in 1982 and began offering online tax preparation and filing service in 2014. Jackson Hewitt’s strength lies in dedicated live online support, a 100% accuracy guarantee, and all-encompassing in-person tax professional support. The tax software only allows users to import W-2 and tax returns filed with the same software. Users of the Tax Pro From Home service can upload tax documents online before a professional takes charge of the proceedings. Questions that pop up are resolved online or via phone. Clients using Jackson Hewitt Do-It-Yourself online filing enjoy support via the help center.

TaxAct Tax Software

TaxAct offers an enhanced and affordable downloadable tax preparation service targeting individuals and business owners. The tax service has been in business since 1998 and has so far affected more than 60 million federal returns. TaxAct platform stands out for offering the best accuracy guarantee, thanks to the high reimbursement rate. The other advantages of using TaxAct include importing popular tax software and access to online and downloadable software. Available tax plans include Free Plan, Premier+ Plan, Deluxe Plan, and Self-Employed Plan. The Free Plan allows users to file W-2 income, Dependents, Earned Income Credit, Children Tax Credits, and Retirement Income, among other items. 

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a relatively new entrant in the competitive online tax preparation niche. The company was established in 2007 but began offering an online tax filing service in 2016. Some of the most outstanding credit Karma elements include free filing for all tax returns, free audit defense and support, and enhanced tax software import tool. Users can import returns from other tax software and complete W-2 in a short time. The platform also provides pop-up questions and prompts for speedy completions. Credit Karma free version offers lots of latitudes, including the opportunity to file for mortgage interest, student loan interest deductions, and property tax. Customers also enjoy audit defense in the event the IRS calls for it.

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