Games with a Summer Atmosphere

By Vedwik
September 8, 2021

We have collected video games with backgrounds in a summer atmosphere that will warm you up just like the July sun.

The games we’ve collected in this selection will bring the summer atmosphere into your life at any time of year. Get ready to go to a virtual resort, conquer the raging ocean and the secrets of the underwater world, participate in the Olympic Games, enjoy fishing, ride with the wind on the heated roads and become a character in the best adult PC games about love.

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Everlasting Summer

A visual novel from Russian developers, telling about the unusual adventures of Semyon guy. Having fallen asleep on the bus, he is mystically transported to the past and wakes up in the summer pioneer camp “Sovenok”. He will have to unravel what happened to him, sort out his own problems, and communicate with the local residents, among whom, perhaps, his love is hiding.

It is a rather soulful game with a ladylike atmosphere that will surprise you with its plot intricacies, pleasant drawing, and developed characters. And with all that, you can download Everlasting Summer for free.

Last Day of June

Last Day of June is a colorful, interactive movie about Carl, who has lost his beloved June. Wandering aimlessly through various places that awaken memories in the hero, he tries to build a chain of events for the sake of saving his beloved’s life.

The gameplay is simple enough – the player will simply explore the locations in search of interesting notes and memories that are hidden in memory capsules. A thoughtful story comes to the fore, directed by Massimo Guarini (of Shadows of the Damned fame) and written by screenwriter Jess Cope.

My Sunny Resort

In My Sunny Resort, you will go to a sunny resort, but not as a vacationer, but as a hotel manager. You will build restaurants, hotels, cocktail bars, beach attractions, and much more that will turn a godforsaken island in the Caribbean into a paradise.

My Sunny Resort is different from other browser games that require a minute of daily activity. You have to work hard at designing the rooms, arranging the furniture and other details. This will eventually ruin your rich guests, and you’ll be able to improve your accommodations with the money you earn.


Another story-driven adventure in a colorful summer setting. The game tells the story of one fire tower watcher, Henry, who is forced to spend his time alone and reap the consequences of the Yellowstone Fire of 1988. In the story, during another inspection, he returns to his cozy den and discovers signs of a break-in.

The lion’s share of gameplay is spent exploring locations and chatting with Henry and his supervisor Delilah over the radio. The player can choose the answers in the dialogues, which will lead to a branching plot. Strengths of Firewatch include a story, visual style, and character dialogues.

Hunting Online

Hunting is another activity that brings the summer atmosphere to the heart of its fans. In the browser-based simulator Hunting Online, players will go to picturesque places in Europe and America, where they will have to hunt various animals. By completing tasks, the gamer will raise the level of his character and unlock new weapons and modules for him. There is a ranking table, which with its presence brings to the game a competitive spirit.

My Little Farmies

In My Little Farmies, you will go to the Middle Ages and develop your own farm. The player is encouraged to grow plants and crops, build buildings, pave roads, do production, sell goods and earn money. And even in the Middle Ages, you will be able to fully enjoy the summer atmosphere.

My Summer Car

In My Summer Car, the atmosphere is that of a hot summer in which you’ll sit in a stuffy garage to repair your father’s car. The player will have to upgrade your car in the most unpretentious conditions and with a bottle of beer at your side. You can replace everything from the spark plugs and engine to the subwoofer and decals, and then test the Frankenstein you’ve created by taking it for a spin on the country roads.

The Sims 4 Seasons

One of the massive add-ons for the life simulator The Sims 4 is dedicated to the seasons, including, of course, summer. Each season has its own distinctive holidays and activities, and if in wintertime your sims will be making snowmen and celebrating the New Year, in the summertime they will be partying by the pool, wearing beachwear, and dancing till dawn.

Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara is a cute and cuddly game that narrates the adventures of a girl who lives on an island one summertime. There she will have to develop a small farm, craft tools, explore the world around her, and discover exciting mysteries. A very atmospheric and enjoyable adventure that you won’t want to leave.Hokko Life

Another summer adventure, part life simulator, where you will have at your disposal the main character and his cabin. In front of you is a vast territory that awaits those who are attracted to the unknown. You’ll travel, build, craft, and create – the game has plenty of tools to make your fantasies come true, and you can personally design furniture and buildings to transform your town.

Summer Paws

Summer Paws is a relaxing object search game in which you have to explore colorful locations where sleeping kittens are hidden. Eighteen summer islands and over 100 kittens await you, along with puzzles, power-ups, and an adorable soundtrack. The best option if you want to cast aside all worries and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of summer on a boring evening.

Call of the Sea

In this mystical walking simulator, you’ll travel to a hot tropical island where an expedition with the main character’s husband has disappeared without a trace. Call of the Sea will charm you with its bright colors and magical scenery, captivate you with its storyline and make you shiver when the scenario turns toward chthonic monsters and creatures beyond human comprehension.

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