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By Ankit
February 9, 2022

At that time, TV was the only source of video content. Before YouTube, television was the only source of content both for viewers and the channel producers. The producer and directors were dependent on channels. The content aired on television has so many restrictions, like many channels that were not allowed to several countries. The content was for a limited time. The tv shows were supposed to watch at a predefined time. There was no option of stopping, rewinding, or forwarding. The problem for directors of tv shows was, they are unable to get the best time slot as another show is already airing on that time slot. There were so many restrictions at that time. We had VCR, then DVD replaced VCR.

Now, tv shows app like NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME has taken over the TV shows industry. All TV shows are aired on these sites. As social media-originated, the whole scenario of the television industry has changed. Not only the internet. The inventions of smartphones, laptops, and tablets have taken over the television by their user-friendly use. Smartphones and laptops give all the required applications in a single device. Smartphones have replaced many other devices like Radio, Watch, MP3, MP4, Camera, alarm clocks, and gaming devices. i.e., PSP and GAMEBOY. These devices were necessary for daily routine. The smartphone is one device that is easy to carry and has more than the required features. 

WIFI makes it easier to access all over the world. No one has to wait for so many ads to watch their desired content. Now you can control your shows like forwarding, rewind, or even watch at some other time. Previously people have to wait, and once they miss the particular airing time of the show, they can’t watch it again. Recalling the old era, we have to watch 15 minutes of ads for the 15 minutes of our desired content which becomes the weak point of the television industry. The creators and producers of TV channels are focused on Ad earning than on content viewers.

After the invention of the Internet, YouTube is one of the biggest names in the social media industry. YouTube comes into existence in early 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. Later on, sold to Google in 2006. It is the 2nd most popular social media platform after google. YouTube is a video-based platform that has billions of hours of content of different groups’ niches. YouTube provides equal opportunity to all its user to show their talent. Not only this, but it also provides opportunities to earn from their video by running ads on their video. The ad earning is done by the collaboration with Google AdSense. Which is another great product of google. YouTube content creators are known as YouTubers. YouTube has made many YouTubers multimillionaire. By not only its ads earnings but also it helped YouTubers to get work on short films, promote companies’ products through their contents, and these talents are highly recognizable to the world outside YouTube. By the time Youtubers become celebrities.

YouTube has become the quickest place of promotion for sellers. The good thing about this platform is it provides equal opportunities to every sort of seller. Social media platforms have changed the entire way of doing business. Movie industries release their upcoming film trailers on YouTube. YouTube is helpful for many household ladies who are earning through YouTube by their unique food recipes. I like more about YouTube that it helps me connect to the best teacher in the world. If I find any topic difficult, I write the topic on the search bar, and there will be a variety of teachers teaching on the same topic with different techniques. Almost every niche group content is available on YouTube. The platform is innovating and improving itself daily to give the best user experience to its users and content creators. 

Need of Downloading YouTube videos:

The need to download YouTube videos is necessary nowadays. One cannot get a stable internet connection everywhere. The signals of cellular data keep dropping. YouTube technology purely depends on the quality of the internet. If the quality of the internet is good, then the video will play smoothly. Whereas, if you have slow internet, the video keeps lagging and ruining your interest in videos. YouTube has several advantages and disadvantages. The internet issue is one of the disadvantages of YouTube. To handle this issue, users can download YouTube videos to their devices. Downloading YouTube videos is still not easy due to the non-availability of free software for downloading YouTube videos. If few are available, then those software does not provide the desired quality of the user.

Software to Download YouTube Video for Free Online:

We will discuss the problem: almost every YouTube user finds it difficult to download a YouTube video. It has been a headache for many people to download YouTube videos. Because YouTube does not allow you to download its content into your device. Very user-friendly software is available online for free to download YouTube videos for free. The name of the website is BTCLOD does not only provide free YouTube video downloads. But, also allows you to convert the YouTube videos into the formats like MP3, AUDIO, and MP4 in varieties of qualities. BTCLOD is user-friendly software. Even new computer users can have access to it and enjoy its desired information on their devices.

The BTCLOD is in e of the top software to download YouTube videos online. The software allows its users to download the converted video. The BTCLOD software is consists of a very basic theme of purple and white. The software does not have so many options. But the options are not limited to the requirement of the user. The software takes seconds to convert and download the YouTube videos or use the YouTube alternatives. BTCLOD allows people to have access to YouTube videos offline. 

Step By Step Process:

Step 1:

Enter into the URL of your browser. You will be redirected to the site.

Step 2:

Copy the link from YouTube and paste it into the space available at the YouTube downloader.

Step 3:

Click the button start over, and then the software will ask you to select the format in which you want to download the YouTube videos.

Step 4:

Click the convert button then in a few seconds, the video will be converted and gives you the option to download the video to your device.

Final Words:

The technology has changed a lot, and we have discussed above how YouTube has taken over the old technology. Problems also arise with the technology change. Every problem has solutions. Finding the right solution is the best way to enjoy the new technology. We have come up with the website which is the best online YouTube video software. We have explained step by step process of downloading the video. Now follow the steps and enjoy offline YouTube.

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