What’s It Like To Bet On Sports In India?

February 8, 2022

India has a trendy sports fan base. Starting from cricket to kabaddi, India has featured in various sports at state, national and international levels. This variety has dramatically increased the betting business in India. Betting on sports in India has flourished even more with the practice of online betting via betting apps like Parimatch. With thorough research and proper knowledge, one can earn lots of money just by betting on sports. In this article, we will discuss what it’s like to bet on sports in India.

How to Bet On Sports in India? 

Before the pandemic, when the stadiums were filled with crowds, one could find bookmakers moving around the stands and galleries. Also, there were some legalized registered betting houses. But due to covid, the betting has gone online. The process has become a lot easier with various betting apps like the Parimatch app. Just like any other betting application, Parimatch sports betting will guide you to a Parimatch login page. You just need to log in and browse through the various array of sports using this link – https://in.parimatch.com/en/cricket/live

Once you find your sports of choice, you will need to create your team to place your bet via Parimatch betting. You will earn points as per the performance of your chosen players. The points determine your gains or losses. This is the same for other online betting platforms like Dream 11, Bet 365, Betway, etc. These apps are linked with your bank account or UPI wallet from which you place your bets. Betting on these online apps is legal.

Factors to Consider While Betting on Sports in India

As India has a lot of sports events to bet on, one should always opt for the best possible choice. To do so, you should be thorough with your research. You should have a sound knowledge of the players and their performance statistics. You should also keep a check on the updates such as injuries daily. This will help you to create the best possible team. 

Once you have collected the information, you must choose the right betting site. A trusted betting site like Parimatch India is always recommended. Timing and public opinion should also be taken into account while betting. As India is densely populated, people who search for quick and easy money often rely on public opinion while betting online. Out of all the sports, cricket involves the maximum percentage of betting in India. 

Live Betting in India

The introduction of the live betting system has dramatically influenced the betting trends in India. Live betting is placing the wager when the game is going on. Generally, betting involves placing the bet before starting the match, but live betting makes it more interesting. This has attracted a lot of foreign companies like Bovada to set up online betting stations in India. Most people like to bet on cricket live in India. Kabaddi and football matches have recently experienced spikes in live betting too. If you are good at predicting the results of the game while the game is still on by analyzing the events, live betting is a great opportunity.

Cricket Betting in India 

Cricket is the most famous Indian sport. It attracts the largest share of people. And recently, the trend of online cricket betting has reached new heights. It is seen that people are more interested in betting on cricket online when compared to other sports. This is due to the standard of Indian Cricket. The Indian Premier League (IPL) has influenced the betting market a lot. During the IPL season, the rise of live cricket betting online knows no bounds. 

If one can correctly analyze the Indian Premier League odds, then there is a high chance that the person may earn a lot because the IPL is the best sports betting season. Betting on cricket online has become much easier with the introduction of betting apps like Dream 11. The live cricket rates for bets are displayed on the sites and apps themselves. However, the rates may differ from one app to another.

 It can be easily said that cricket betting in India has reached a new level because of these platforms. Most Indians prefer to bet on cricket live than any other sport. Such is the trend and popularity of online betting in cricket in India. Thus, one can become rich by betting on cricket in India. 


Betting on sports in India is nothing new. But with the advancement, the modes of betting have changed. The online betting platforms have made it simple and easy to use. Nowadays, quite a large number of people place their bets via these platforms. With proper research, it can be a great way to earn a decent amount of money. However, this does not change the fact that betting is risky and addictive.

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