Having BNB and Trust Wallet Issues? Let’s Fix It

By Joseph
January 19, 2023

Crypto came as a talisman in the finance galaxy of the world giving smart ease to the transactions. It also provided strong credibility around the data and the security of its blockchains.

From a complex coin exchange to simple booking payments, from credit card to loan transfer, Binance can be one solution for every transaction one might be making. 

Quick fact: Changpng Zhao launched Binance in Hong Kong. He previously worked with Blockchain.info.

Smart and security thought led businesses to choose it but problems leave no corner. What if being one of the Crypto users one day you end up searching the following issue on the web;

  • Wallets notify “Coin not available”? What’s the point?
  • BNB services are not possible on Trust Wallet. 
  • Unable to buy BNB currency. 

If these are your queries? Well, let me try to make things clear with worthy and digestible reasons and solutions for you. No investment of yours will be harmed in the process. 

Let’s first know why the BNB coin is the smart choice for transacting the world.

BNB Coins: A Smart Choice

solving smart life problems

Binance being a huge cryptocurrency exchange showed its imperative presence in the year 2017. Next year its services boomed with the growth of $1.3B and currently, it’s the best investment option for investors.

One can always explore the part of the Binance galaxy with its smart solutions and fast-track transactions. Affordable fees and high transaction performance is the primary reason making it the best choice for investors this year.

  • Do you know Binance has jumped from 1.5M users to 28.6M users in the year 2021, currently crossing 7.5 Trillion in the Annual exchange volume?

Other than cryptocurrency exchange below are the other areas to make the smart move for putting your Binance coin in;

  • Crypto Credit Card Bills: BNB coins can help you pay efficiently through Binance credit options.
  • Customer’s Early Payment: Sometimes you might feel the need to pay your customer in a flexible method of crypto so, Binance coin can assist.
  • Booking and Travel Expenditure: You might get the flexible option of paying for hotels and flights through the BNB fit soln.
  • Virtual Gifts and Tokens: Entertainment is currently the primary option where people spend the most. From virtual gifts to virtual offers you can buy anything using BNB assistance if the crypto option is available.
  • Investment and Loans: You can pay or invest through the easy go-to option of Binary coins and payment.
crypto expectations

BNB Trust Wallet Issues & Reasons

There are a plethora of subtle reasons why your Trust wallet is unable to have transactions or coins in, or just the smart coins are not available to you.

Let me carve out some of them for you to let you have a crispy knowledge of the situation you are in.

  • Wallet Issue – Do you know? To fill your wallet with BNB coins you should add the Binance innovative chain network.
  •  Solution–  This is not the same case with “Trust  

        Wallet”. This is the glistening reason why Trust 

        Wallets are used with much more priority than


       You can simply download Trust wallet from the 

       Google Play Store. Trust wallet 

  • Coin Availability- Simply you might be facing the    availability of no coins to borrow.
  • Solution: The simple solution is that you need to wait for the coins to get restored.

Also if you are unable to get access to borrowing coins from different wallets then go to the Binance website for the same.

Quick fact: Binance is the fifth most valued coin in the crypto world.

Binance website- Binance.com

Below is the simple way to buy Binance coins through different methods. Find your suitable way and enter the world of secure blockchains to protect your information/data.

Well, now we know the reasons and solutions but let’s also ramble across the right method of buying and swapping the crypto when concerned with Binance. 

How to Buy BNB on Binance?

Crypto deviating graphs

To continue trading you need to have crypto coins with you same as you need money to travel. 

Through different methods of Debit card/Credit card, cash Balance, and P2P one can go for buying as many coins as they wish.

  • Do you know 90% of the Binance crypto users are men  and among them, less than 15% consider it as the source of their income? Many users are hobbyists.

Now without any further ado, move on to the method of being coins.

Debit Card and Credit Card Method

Sometimes you may find the Debit/Credit card method for your Binance trade. Below are the steps if you want to have your bnb through it.

Debit Card use in Binance 
  1.  Log In to your Binance account. The “Buy” or  “Buy Now” option will appear on the homepage  itself. Click here.
Binance home page

Note: You can prefer to make the payment in any currency you are suitable for.

  1.  Fill in the total amount you want to put in.

Note: No maths geek required: The website will itself calculate the no. of coins in a given amount.

Crypto amount deviation
  1.  Enter the way you will make the payment. Like “Debit Card” or “Credit Card”. 
Binance Payment issue
  1.  Place your card details. Your card will simultaneously get added. Click on Continue.
Card payment in Binance
  1. Check all the details from the amount you entered    to the card details. After confirmation, the coin’s updated amount will appear. 
Binance card payment confirmation

Note: You can refresh the same page to see if there is any change in the amount of the updated Binance crypto coin.

  1.  Now follow the instructions concerned with 

        OTP stuff for confirmation with your bank. 

After going through all of the confirmation one is all done with the borrowing of coins.

Congratulations!!!!  as your Binance Spot Wallet has been filled in with Coins that may further help you efficiently in trading.

Cash Way

Cash method for Binance
  1. Log In to your Binance account. Enter the home Page.
  1. Click on Buy Now. Enter the amount and then there you will get to know the no. of coins that are  available for you.  
  1. Tap on Continue. Among multiple options of  payment click “Cash Balance”.
 Binance cash method

Note: If you have less amount in your bank account then you will be redirected to the deposit option. 

  1. Check the payment details and the fees. For looking for an updated amount of Binance refresh it.
  1. Confirm your order within one minute and your cash payment has been done.

The same goes for P2P transfers. The only change is you have to change the method of your payment.


  1. Log In to your Binance account. Your Home page    will open with the Buy Now option. 
  1. Enter the fiat amount. The system will automatically let you know the number of coins that will be available to you.
  1. Click on the Continue tab.
  1.  For the payment select your desired payment option eg. PayPal
P2P crypto payment
  1. Gauge the payment details and refresh it if you want the new updated amount. Confirm the order.

How to Send BNB Fund on Trust Wallet?

Loading coins in your Trust Wallet is an easy and efficient idea. Below are the brief steps for your convenience.

  1. Open your Trust Wallet and tap on the option 


  1. The application will help you know the current  selling price of the coin. In the current case, it’s BNB.
  1. Enter the amount to be put for the process and  


The coins will be easily restored to your wallet.

Note: For many wallets, it is necessary to have Binance smart chain once you are going for its use. Trust wallet doesn’t require this.

How to Swap BNB With Other Cryptos?

For conversion of cryptos, the Binance service option is Binance Converter. Four simple steps make the  swapping into other cryptos easy.

  1. On the homepage of Binance, tap Trade. Among various options tap on Binance Converter

Note: If using the app on a mobile phone, tap on Trade(middle part on the bottom of your screen). Various options will appear, tap on Converter.

  1. Select the coin you have and the one you want to buy. Also, enter the no. of coins you have

above and the no. of coins you want below.

  1.  Check the price that is considered for the transaction and Confirm it.

You will be receiving the swapped crypto coin in your Binance Spot Wallet.

swapping crypto 

Closing Thoughts

Crypto has always been a part of the debate between users and the government. With multiple implications and rules being imparted, government authority has several times turned it illegal in many countries.

So, a fine amount should be invested for swapping and wallet payments because independent Cryptos still are in the government. Control can create havoc in someone’s investment.

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