Does CBD Bud Still Get You High?

March 23, 2023

It’s not uncommon to find information about CBD getting you high, making you get your groove on. While such stories make for a great post to read, the reality is a little different.

The short answer is that—no—CBD does not make induced hallucination as regular marijuana does.

However, you’ll likely experience the effects of smoking hemp. Hemp, unlike marijuana, contains very minimal concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the well-known substance in marijuana that causes “highs.” Admittedly, smoking CBD derived from hemp means you’re smoking trace amounts of THC. If you were to smoke a substantial amount of CBD, you’d most likely experience some “highs.”

CBD has been shown to have numerous beneficial effects, including pain relief in some cancer patients, those who have post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep irregularities and improving bowel habits.

How is a CBD Bud Different from a Marijuana Bud?

It’s crucial to remember that they’re most likely derived from the hemp plant and not marijuana whenever you hear of CBD products.

The Farm Bill of 2018 is legislation passed by the US government regarding hemp. It states that hemp is legal because it contains only 0.03% or less THC, the substance most responsible for intoxication and mind-bending. The Bill targeted marijuana high THC concentrations. It’s important to remember that there are marijuana strains that contain THC of approximately 0.3%, just like in the hemp plant. Under the Farm Bill, such marijuana is deemed legal. Also, much of the marijuana sold, even in states that have legalized it, have concentrations of about 10 to 15%. CBD is now federally legal, and marijuana is not.

CBD Flower is Harvested from High-CBD Hemp

Hemp and marijuana belong to the same family of plants.

Traditionally, the hemp plant was grown for a variety of reasons. It is handy in producing numerous products like ropes, grain, fibers, etc. People realized that you could smoke it with some positive effects with time. With time, the plant was bred, its intoxicating effects refined to a point where we now have the high-content THC marijuana. The drive to grow high-THC strains meant that other strains that contained CBD and other similar substances were largely neglected.

In the early 20th century, the US government declared the cannabis plant illegal, an all-encompassing measure that included the hemp plant. This meant there was no reason to grow hemp, the one with less THC selectively. The Farm Bill has clarified, ensuring that CBD-rich hemp can be grown without censure.

Cannabis breeders continue to refine its positive effects by focusing on CBD strains, meaning you can extract more. 

What Does Smoking a CBD Bud Do?

Smoking CBD doesn’t mean much for seasoned recreational marijuana users because it doesn’t give them the high, they crave. However, for medical marijuana users, smoking CBD is fantastic. This is because it packs all the medicinal and therapeutic effects without the downside of getting high as with THC.

Research into more benefits of CBD is ongoing, something that was not possible for decades because of the ban on cannabis growing.

You can smoke CBD bud only for its therapeutic effects. THC is better if you want to get high.

CBD the Pain Reliever

Relieving anxiety, pain, and depression are common effects of CBD. Studies have demonstrated that CBD can reduce chronic pain in lab animals like rats. Some people who suffer from cancers like multiple myeloma have resorted to using CBD and its related products to alleviate pain when taking a break from pharmaceutical painkillers.

Of course, CBD has numerous other effects besides pain relief. Those with seizures and some inflammatory conditions smoke CBD buds regularly to manage the nasty effects of such conditions.

Are There Side Effects of Smoking CBD?

Just because CBD doesn’t get you high doesn’t mean it can’t have some adverse side effects. Smoking CBD buds excessively has been known to cause diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, and excessive fatigue.

Many first-time users usually go all in, attempting to smoke significant CBD quantities to feel its full effects. It is ill-advised. It’s usually best to ease your way into it. Start by speaking to an experienced budtender. One knows about all things CBD. They tell you what quantity to smoke and how much you should keep increasing.

All in all, don’t count on getting high just by smoking some CBD buds. However, you can get some benefits (and nasty side effects) if you consume too much.

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